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Re: [Peterhead] Aberdeen Directory, County Pages, 1846/47

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  • Alison Anderson
    Hi Alex, The following is the list of Shipmasters and their vessels (where named - a few are not). Hope it s of some help. Alison Abernethy, Wm., shipmaster,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2000
      Hi Alex,
      The following is the list of Shipmasters and their vessels (where named - a few are not).  Hope it's of some help.
      Abernethy, Wm., shipmaster, (Eliza,) Keith street
      Allan, William, shipmaster, (North of Scotland,) Back street
      Arthur, Geo., shipmaster, (Temiscouata,) Merchant street
      Brown, Alexander, shipmaster, (Catherine,) Charlotte street
      Brown, John, shipmaster, (no name mentioned) St. Peter's st.
      Bruce, Alex., shipmaster, (Rosanna,) James street
      Burnett, Peter, shipmaster, (Hamilton Ross,) Chapel street
      Chapman, Alex., shipmaster (Hero), Bath street
      Christie, Alexander, shipmaster (Betsey), Jamaica street
      Christie, John D., shipmaster (Harriet), Jamaica street
      Cowan, David, shipmaster, (Brilliant), Pool lane
      Duthie, Wm., shipmaster, (no name) St. Peter's st.
      Gray, John, shipmaster (Eclipse), Castle street
      Hay, John, shipmaster (London), Maiden street
      Henry, John, shipmaster (Rose), James street
      Hogg, James, shipmaster (Resolution), Charlotte street
      Hogg, John, shipmaster (Froward), Harbour street
      Hutcheson, Alexander, shipmaster (Active), Lodge walk
      Johnston, John, shipmaster (Gleaner), Union street
      Law, James, shipmaster, (no name), Merchant st.
      Laurie, James, shipmaster, (no name), Maiden st.
      McWilliam, William, shipmaster, (Magnet), Maiden street
      Mackie, George, shipmaster, (Brutus), Seagate street
      Mackie, William, shipmaster, (Britannia), Union street
      Mackie, William, shipmaster, (Dublin), Queen street
      Manson, Donald, shipmaster, (Superior), Jamaica street
      Martin, Robert, shipmaster, (Enterprise), Maiden street
      Mathieson, Thos., shipmaster, (Robert), Merchant street
      Murrison, Alexander, shipmaster, (James & Thomas,) James street
      Ogston, Alex., shipmaster, (Commerce,) Maiden street
      Ogston, John, shipmaster, (Union,) Maiden street
      Robertson, Alex., shipmaster (Margaret & Jane), Merchant street
      Robertson, James, shipmaster (Orion) Castle street
      Robertson, Thomas, shipmaster (Reliance), Broad street
      Scott, Joseph, shipmaster (Kate), Queen street
      Sellar, James, shipmaster (Gem), Marischal street
      Sievewright, Alex., shipmaster, (no name) Castle street
      Simpson, George, shipmaster (Traveller), Merchant street
      Stewart, Alexander, shipmaster (Joseph Green), Queen street
      Stott, James, shipmaster (Buchan), Broad street
      Thom, James, shipmaster (Brothers Increase) Union street
      Wallace, Alex., shipmaster (Clipper), Queen street
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      Sent: 30 June 2000 18:34
      Subject: [Peterhead] Pigot Directory 1846/47

      For Alison Anderson
      Hi Alison,
                       I was very interested in your note to Wade about the 1846/47 Pigot Directory with the Peterhead information in it. Particularly your reference to the Shipmasters and their vessels.
                       Would there be any way you could put that particular information (shipmasters & vessels) on, or would that still be asking rather a lot ?
                       Alternatively, if I could give you names of certain shipmasters would you be able to tell if they appear on that Directory and what their vessels would have been ?
                       Many thanks & Kindest Regards
                       Alex Ritchie  
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