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  • William Leslie
    Hello Allison; Thanks for the Peterhead Directory of 1825. Is there any further information in this directory, or is there any way of following up on names
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 23, 2000
      Hello Allison;
      Thanks for the Peterhead Directory of 1825. Is there any further information in this directory, or is there any way of following up on names listed. Under Coopers, the Leslies, John and Peter, are probably ancestors of mine.
      William Leslie

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      > 1. 1825/26 Pigot Directory
      > From: "Alison Anderson" <A.M.Anderson@...>
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      > Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 20:48:33 +0100
      > From: "Alison Anderson" <A.M.Anderson@...>
      > Subject: 1825/26 Pigot Directory
      > I recently came across the following and thought it may be of interest to other members of the Peterhead list. Hope it's of some interest.
      > Alison
      > These are the details of the town of Peterhead taken from the Pigot Directory of 1825/26
      > PETERHEAD - Is a parish, and a considerable seaport in the district of Buchan and county of Aberdeen. The town is thirty-two miles north by east of Aberdeen, thirty-four south-east of Banff, eighteen south-south-east of Fraserburgh, nine from Mintlaw, and one hundred and forty-five north by west of Edinburgh. It is situated upon a peninsula, about a mile south of the mouth of the river Ugie, this is the most easterly point of land in Scotland, the longitude being 1 degree 39' west from Greenwich, and the latitude 57 degrees 30' north; and the isthmus between the peninsula and the main land is only 800 yards wide. The town is built in the form of a cross, and is divided into four districts, which are united to each other by a continuation of streets; these districts are called Kirktown, Ronheads, Keith-Inch, and Peterhead proper. It was founded and erected into a burgh of barony by George earl Marischal, in the year 1593; but, in 1715, it was forfeited by this family in
      > consequence of their adherence to the unfortunate house of Stuart, and purchased, with the neighbouring lands in 1738, by the trustees, or governors of the Maiden Hospital, Edinburgh, who are still the superiors. The nomination of the magistrates is by charter vested in them, and the magistrates and councillors, the latter of whom are elected by a majority of the feuars, are invested with the management of the revenue, which is considerable. The houses, which are built of granite, so abundant in various parts of the county, are all of them neat and comfortable, many of them commodious and elegant. The public buildings, which claim more particular attention, are the town-house, at the head of the principal street; it is an elegant building sixty feet long, forty feet wide, with a spire one hundred and ten feet high and a fine clock; this edifice cost upwards of 2000l. sterling - the established church, situate at the conjunction of the south and west roads, combines elegance with
      > convenience and has a fine spire - and the episcopal chapel is a handsome modern building, in the design of which the architect has displayed great taste. Besides the preceding places of worship, there are three others, as well as a coffee-room, several friendly societies, and a literary one. As a commercial town, Peterhead ranks pretty high. At an early period its vessels traded to the ports in the Baltic, to the Levant, and to America; and in 1795 its merchants could fit out twenty-eight ships, carrying upwards of 3000 tons. However, until late years, little attention was paid to the fisheries, which have since raised many of its enterprising inhabitants to comparative affluence. In whale-fishing it may probably be ranked the third or fourth port in the island. For shipping it possesses very considerable accommodations. The district of Keith-Inch divides the harbour into a north and south haven, the entrance to which is protected by two piers and a jettie; and in the bay is
      > excellent anchoring ground. The wells of Peterhead have long been resorted to; the waters are chalybeate, often very efficacious indebility of the stomach and disorders in the bowels, and have been in repute about two hundred years. The strongest is called the "wine well" from the water sparkling in the glass, like Champagne, and lies to the south of the town. As the beech affords excellent opportunities and conveniences for sea-bathing, Peterhead, during the summer-season is a very cheerful gay place. Pleasure and dancing parties are frequent here, as at other watering places, where hilarity, exercise, society, and freedom from care contribute not a little to the restoration of the patient's health. Fossil shells in great quantities, & of various kinds are found in the neighbourhood, twenty or thirty feet above the level of the sea; and these of kinds not to be met with in a natural state. Many sorts of pebbles may be met with on the shore. The market is held on Friday; and
      > there are two annual fairs, with one the third Tuesday in May, and the second Tuesday in November (both old style).
      > POST OFFICE, Broad-street. Post-Master, Mr. Ogilvie Will. The mail arrives from Aberdeen every evening at a quarter before nine, and is despatched at ten in the morning.
      > ESTABLISHED CHURCH, Maiden-st., Rev. Wm. Donald, Minister.
      > EPISCOPAL CHAPEL, Merchant-st., the Right Rev. Patrick Torry, Bishop.
      > CONGREGATIONAL MEETING, Cardwell-st., Rev. James Scott, Minister.
      > UNITED SECESSION CHAPEL, School brae, Rev. Robert Campbell, Minister.
      > METHODIST CHAPEL, Chapel-st., Re. Wm. Flint, Minister.
      > Robt. Robertson and Roderick Gray, esqrs. Bailies and Vice-Admirals.
      > Geo. Arbuthnot, esq. Town Treasurer.
      > Robt. Cordiner, Harbour Treasurer.
      > And. Boyd, Procurator Fiscal.
      > Adam Gray, Clerk to the Justices.
      > John Imray, Master
      > GENTRY, & c.
      > Anderson Miss Jane, Queen-st
      > Anderson Mrs. Wm. Merchant-st
      > Arbuthnot Adam, esq. Jamaica-st
      > Arbuthnot Jas. esq. Broad-st
      > Baxter Lieut. John, RN. Keith-st
      > Brodie Mrs. Keith-Inch
      > Cordiner Mrs. Peter-st
      > Dowie A. esq. Merchant-st
      > Forbers Mr. Duncan, Maiden-lane
      > Forbes Mrs. Geo. Merchant-st
      > Gordon Mr. Geo. Broad-st
      > Groat Miss Eliz. Queen-st
      > Hutchison Mrs. Jane, South-shore
      > Keith Capt. Jas. RN. Maiden-lane
      > McCulloch Misses, Maiden-lane
      > Marshall Mrs. Maiden-lane
      > Park Miss, Jamaica-st
      > Robertson Miss E. Merchant-st
      > Ross David, esq. Jamaica-st
      > Skilton Mrs. Jane, Jamaica-st
      > Shives Mr. Wm. Broad-st
      > ACADEMIES.
      > Able Miss, Maiden-lane
      > Anderson Miss, Ellis-st
      > Gray & Pringle, Well-st
      > AGENTS.
      > Brande Charles, (corn) Tolbooth-wynd
      > Gray Rod. (corn) Jamica-st
      > Gunn A. (cotton) Windmill-st
      > Boyd James, Merchant-st
      > Gray Adam, Broad-st
      > BAKERS.
      > Anderson A. Broad-st
      > Connon Jn. Backgate
      > Morrison Robt. Long-gate
      > Robertson A. Broad-st
      > Youngson A. Backgate
      > BANKERS.
      > Aberdeen Banking Co. Jas. Anderson, agent, Jamaica-st
      > Commercial Bank, John Elrick, agent, Jamaica-st
      > Cassie Thos. Kirktown
      > Florence Jn. Keith-Inch
      > Gordon John (and bell-hanger) Kirktown
      > Henderson A. Keith-Inch
      > Innes Wm. Broad-st
      > Muirison A. North-shore
      > Rannie Geo. James-st
      > Smith Jas. and Wm. Broad-st
      > Yule And. Keith-Inch
      > Hutton and Mackie, Keith-Inch
      > Scott & Stevenson, Keith-Inch
      > Lawder Andrew, (and binder) Long-gate
      > Mudie Geo. Maiden-lane
      > Sangster A. Broad-st
      > Smith A. Rose-st
      > Wemyss Wm. Broad-st
      > Brodie Geo. Broad-st
      > Burgess Jn. & Co. Jamaica-st
      > Couper Jas. South-shore
      > Johnston John, Kirktown
      > King A. Kirktown
      > Lindsay And. North-shore
      > Ogilvie A. Backgate
      > Saunders Jas. jun. Marischal-st
      > Soutter Wm. Tolbooth-wynd
      > Strachan Wm. Ellis-st
      > Thom Jas. Jamaica-st
      > Wallace David, Marischal-st
      > Young John, Long-gate
      > Youngson A. Queen-st
      > Yule Geo. Marischal-st
      > BREWERS.
      > Merns John, Queen-st
      > Paton Jn. & Co. School-brae
      > Cordiner Robt. & Co. Broad-st
      > Daniel Jn. Marischal-st
      > Gamack Wm. Jamaica-st
      > Gray Rod. Jamaica-st
      > Mudie Geo. (general) Shore
      > Brands A. and P. Backgate
      > Hay Jas. Thistle-st
      > Lockie Jn. A. and Co. Merchant-st
      > Souttar John, St. Andrew-st
      > Copland John, Kirktown
      > Cruickshank A. Broadgate
      > Mathew Jas. Broad-st
      > Maule Thos. Church-st
      > Mitchell Robt. Maiden-lane
      > Reid John, Broad-st
      > Stewart A. Queen-st
      > Taylor John, jun. (ship) Jamaica-street
      > Anderson James S. and Co. Marischal-street
      > Cordiner Robt. and Co. Broad-st
      > Daniel John, Marischal-st
      > Grant Robt. St. Andrew-st
      > Lawrence Thos. Broad-st
      > Park Jas. & Co. Broad-st
      > Silver Francis, Broad-st
      > Strachan Thos. Rose-st
      > Strachan Wm. Merchant-st
      > COOPERS.
      > Brook Geo. Back-st
      > Leask Wm. Church-st
      > Leslie John, Jamaica-st
      > Leslie Peter, Queen-st
      > Simpson Wm. & Jas. Marischal-st
      > Williamson Wm. Broad-st
      > Wilson And. Marischal-st
      > DRUGGISTS.
      > Dalrymple Wm. Broad-st
      > Will Ogilvie, Broad-st
      > Dalrymple Robt. Marischal-st
      > Hogg Wm. (and salt) Long-gate
      > Scott Robt. Long-gate
      > BRITISH COMMERCIAL, Jas. Anderson, Jamaica-st
      > FRIENDLY, Roderick Gray, Jamaica-street
      > HERCULES, James Kilgour, Jamaica-street
      > NORTH BRITISH, James Mackie, Long-gate
      > UNION, Rod. Gray, Jamaica-st
      > FISH CURERS.
      > Leask Wm. Church-st
      > Leslie John, Jamaica-st
      > Simpson Wm. & Jas. Marischal-st
      > Wilson And. Marischal-st
      > Arbuthnot Geo. & Co. Keith-Inch
      > Arburhnot Thos. and Co. Keith-Inch
      > New Co. John Hutchison, Manager, Quinie
      > Skelton, Mudie and Co. Geo. Skelton, Manager
      > Union Co. Jas. Hutchison, sen. Manager, Quinie
      > Whale Fising Co. Wm. Volum, Manager, Keith-Inch
      > Dickie Thos. Broad-st
      > Forrest A. Broad-st
      > FLESHERS.
      > Davidson John, Long-gate
      > McDonald John, Backgate
      > McKenzie John, Long-gate
      > McLean John, Long-gate
      > Matheson And. Broad-st
      > Moir Alex. North-shore
      > Reid Thos. Town-house
      > Vass David, Town-house
      > Young And. sen. South-shore
      > Young And. South-shore
      > Alexander Thos. Broad-st
      > Allan A. Broad-st
      > Annand Jas. Long-gate
      > Bannerman Wm. Marishcal-st
      > Forrest Chas. Long-gate
      > Gilchrist Jn. (& wine) Broad-st
      > Hastings Margaret, Long-gate
      > Law Geo. Broad-st
      > Lawrance Geo. Broad-st
      > Morrice Robt. Kirktown
      > Sangster David, Ellis-st
      > Seller Wm. Long-gate
      > Shives A. Broad-st
      > Smith Cosmo, Long-gate
      > Smith Geo. Marishcal-st
      > Webster A. Broad-st
      > Bennett Jas. South-shore
      > Thomson John, Long-gate
      > Gilchrist John, Broad-st
      > Shires A. Broad-st
      > Webster A. Marischal-st
      > Anderson Jas. Jamaica-st
      > Mackie Jas. and Robt. Long-gate
      > Ewen David & Co. (cotton) Kirktown
      > Robertson J. (cotton) Windmill-st
      > Hay John, James'-st
      > Mitchell A. Shore
      > Robertson Wm. Keith-Inch
      > MEAL, & C. DEALERS.
      > Annand Wm. Broad-st
      > Lawrence Peter, Broad-st
      > Milne A. Marischal-st
      > Sangster David, Ellis-st
      > MERCHANTS.
      > Alexander Gilbert, jun. (flour) Windmill-st
      > Arbuthnot Geo. & Rt. South-shore
      > Arbuthnot Ts. (general) Broad-st
      > Arbuthnot Wm. Maiden-st
      > Argo James, sen. South-shore
      > Argo James jun. South-shore
      > Hutchison James and Co. Keith-Inch
      > Hutchison James, jun. (general) Merchant-st
      > Hutchison John, Merchant-st
      > Hutchison Robt. Merchant-st
      > Skelton Geo. & Co. Keith-Inch
      > Skelton Geo. South-shore
      > Skelton Jas. South-shore
      > Skelton John, Broad-st
      > Boyd James, Merchant-st
      > Gray Adam, Broad-st
      > French Jane, Broad-st
      > Strachan Misses, Maiden-lane
      > Robertson John, South-shore
      > Thom Al. Marischal-st
      > Abbot Jas. Keith-Inch
      > Christian Chas. North-shore
      > Hutchison Jn. & Co. South-shore
      > SADDLERS.
      > Keith Geo. Broad-st
      > McIntosh Wm. Broad-st
      > Hutchison James, Shore
      > Hutchison Jn. Keith-Inch
      > Huton and Mackie, Keith-Inch
      > Scott and Stevenson, Keith-Inch
      > Skelton Jas. Keith-Inch
      > Taylor John, Keith-Inch
      > SHIP OWNERS.
      > Arbuthnot George and Robert, South-shore
      > Arbuthnot Thos. Broad-st
      > Argo Jas. jun. South-shore
      > Darg Thos. South-shore
      > Elrick John, Jamaica-st
      > Hutchison James and Co. Keith-Inch
      > Hutchison Jas. jun. Merchant-st
      > Hutchison Jas. Broad-st
      > Hutchison John, Merchant-st
      > Hutchison Robt. Merchant-st
      > McIntosh Donald, Broad-st
      > Nicol Gilbert, South-shore
      > Sangster Wm. Jamaica-st
      > Skelton Geo. and Co. Keith-Inch
      > Skelton Geo. South-shore
      > Skelton Jas. South-shore
      > Soutter John, Keith-Inch
      > Soutter Wm. Merchant-st
      > Volum Wm. Maiden-st
      > London and Leith, Geo. and Rbt. Arbuthnot, Managers
      > SURGEONS.
      > Argo Geo. Shore
      > Bruce Wm. Jamaica-st
      > Forbes Maxwell, Jamaica-st
      > Gray Wm. A. Maiden-lane
      > Jamieson Patrick, Broad-st
      > Perry Jas. C. Jamaica-st
      > TAILORS.
      > Arthur And. Marischal-st
      > Club David, Broad-st
      > Dinnes John, Long-gate
      > Gall Wm. South-shore
      > Kynoch John, Long-gate
      > Mathew Thos. Jamaica-st
      > Taylor John, Broad-st
      > Wallace A. Marishcal-st
      > Watson Wm. Thistle-st
      > Alexander Gilbert, jun. Windmill-street
      > Catto And. St. Andrew-st
      > TANNERS.
      > Alexander Gilbert, jun. Windmill-street
      > Stewart Chas. and Co. Kirktown
      > Baxter John, Keith-Inch
      > Conon A. Marischal-st
      > Cowie John, Marishcal-st
      > Daniel Al. Kirktown
      > Fraser Donald, Jamaica-st
      > Jaffray Jas. (hotel) Maiden-st
      > Jamieson Benj. Tolbooth-wynd
      > McLeod John, North-shore
      > Milne Jas. North-shore
      > Newbond John, James-st
      > Robertson Jos. Keith-Inch
      > Thom Jas. James'-st
      > Thomson And. North-st
      > Wilson David, Broad-st
      > Young And. South-shore
      > TEACHERS.
      > Brown Arch. Backgate
      > Davidson John, Society-close
      > Smith John, Town-house
      > Annand John, South-shore
      > Ledengham Jas. (and coppersmith) Marischal-st
      > White Al. Broad-st
      > TURNERS.
      > Robertson Al. Long-gate
      > Webster Jas. Marischal-st
      > Blaik Jas. Rose-st
      > Johnston John, Broad-st
      > King Alex. Rose-st
      > Alexander Wm. Broad-st
      > Gamack Wm. Jamaica-st
      > Gray Rodk. Jamaica-st
      > Robertson Robt. Jamaica-st
      > Miscellaneous.
      > Alexander Gilbert, jun. oak timber dealer, Windmill-st
      > Angus George, silversmith, Jamaica-st
      > Bleak James and Co. hatters, Rose-st
      > Boyd Wm. plasterer, Charlotte-st
      > Brand Misses, straw hat makers, Maiden-lane
      > Brown thos. nailor, Keith-Inch
      > Buchan peter, letter press printer, Long-gate
      > Couper Wm. town drummer, Tolbooth-wynd
      > Cruickshank James, stone cutter, Windmill-st
      > Duncan Andrew, stonemason, Maiden-lane
      > Forsyth Walter, leather dealer, Broad-st
      > Hay W. sheriff's officer, Broad-st
      > Morice John,dyer, Kirktown
      > Murray Alex. and Co. distillers, Kirktown
      > Rhind Jas. confectioner, Rose-st
      > Wight Jn. millwright, Kirktown
      > Douglas Leslie, surveyor and principal coast officer
      > Peter Douglas, collector and land waiter
      > John Crighton, coast waiter
      > Robt. Herriot, tide waiter
      > Andrew Doyle, tide waiter
      > Jas. Skelton, harbour master
      > Jas. Cruickshank supervisor
      > Peter Milne and A. Watt, officers
      > Robt. Gray, preses
      > Wm. Gamack, treasurer
      > Andrew Boyd, secretary
      > James Knox, constable
      > J. Anderson, distributor, Jamaica-st
      > COACHES.
      > ABERDEEN, the Royal Mail from Donald Fraser's, every morning at a quarter past ten, and returns in the evening at a quarter before nine.
      > ABERDEEN, the Earl of Errol, from Jaffray's hotel, every morning at 6, and returns in the evening at half-past eight.
      > CARRIERS.
      > ABERDEEN, Anderson & May, from Tolbooth-wynd every Tuesday and Friday.
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    • Alison Anderson
      Hi, I m sorry, but unfortunately the information that I submitted is exactly how (including spelling) the original entry reads, and there is no further
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 24, 2000

        I'm sorry, but unfortunately the information that I submitted is exactly how
        (including spelling) the original entry reads, and there is no further
        information on any of the individuals.

        The following Leslie's appear in the Peterhead pages of the County Section
        of the Aberdeen Directory dated 1846/47 (again exactly as the entry reads).

        Leslie, John, fishcurer, Jamaica street
        Leslie, Thomas, bookseller, Kirk street
        Leslie, William, cooper, Harbour street

        I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.


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        > Hello Alison;
        > Thanks for the Peterhead Directory of 1825. Is there any further
        information in this directory, or is there any way of following up on names
        listed. Under Coopers, the Leslies, John and Peter, are probably ancestors
        of mine.
        > Regards
        > William Leslie
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