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Re: [Peterhead] Peterhead OPRs

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  • Alex Ritchie
    Hello Lyndley, Glad to be able to help.........if I did indeed help ! I believe that the West Associate Church in Peterhead I was referring to is now known
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2000
      Hello Lyndley,
                              Glad to be able to help.........if I did indeed help !
                              I believe that the "West Associate" Church in Peterhead I was referring to is now known as the Trinity Church (but still Church of Scotland).That's the one on St.Peter's Street just around the corner from the Palace Hotel.
                              I live in a village called Kilbarchan which is about 12 miles west of Glasgow (and about 200 miles from Peterhead). Since nearly all of my wife's family and mine still live in Peterhead, we do go up there occasionally but it tends to be a "spur of the minute" decision when we do go. Nothing planned too far ahead.
                              If I can help you with anything else please let me know.
                              Kindest Regards...........................Alex Ritchie
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      From: I Tilbury
      Sent: Saturday, April 29, 2000 2:35 AM
      Subject: Re: [Peterhead] Peterhead OPRs

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      Subject: [Peterhead] Peterhead OPRs

      For Lynley Tilbury
      Hi There,
                        The records for the Old Parish Church are contained within the Peterhead OPRs (County : Aberdeen   Parish Number : 232). All the Peterhead Church of Scotland churches records are folded into the Peterhead OPRs. There are also some none-Presbyterian ones in there as well (e.g. Episcopalian, Free Church etc.) it depended on whether those folks felt like adding them to the Parish Records.........and how strongly they felt about having anything to do with Presbyterians !!
                        The Films should be readily available through you nearest LDS Family History Centre. Unfortunately, I don't live in Peterhead any more although I visit occasionally so I have to look at them either in Edinburgh or in the Aberdeen & N.E. FHS shop in Aberdeen when I go up there. I'm not sure when I am likely to be seeing the Peterhead OPRs next.
                        Where your ancestors lived in Peterhead would not necessarily be a good guide to which Church they attended. Family traditions would be a much stronger guide as to where they worshipped. I'm not even sure when the St.Andrews and West Associate churches were founded......but certainly well after the Old Parish Church (whose existing building was built in 1806)
                        As you probably know, the Constitution Street Cemetery has no connection with any specific Church. It is a Town Cemetery rather than a "Kirkyard".
                        If I do get a chance to access the Peterhead OPRs in the near future I will certainly take a look for your ancestors but I can't guarantee anything right now.
                        Kindest Regards.............................Alex Ritchie
      Hi Alex
      Thankyou for your great E- mail , what a lot you can tell me , just were abouts do you live, if you dont mind me asking
      It does help understand the different places and the distanct between the places.
      Now I must tell you some time ago I sent a E- Mail to the ABERDEEN & N.E. FHS. and thy whould only search for me if 
      I was a payed up member which I CANT AFFORD TO  and so if you can help or know of another researcher that will look in there own time for me that whould be great 
      Well thats all for now say HI to WADE AND SAM AS THEY ARE THE OTHER TWO THAT HELP ME .
                                     Kind Regards              Lynley Tilbury         

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