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Martins & Simpsons

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  • Alex Ritchie
    For : Liz Tregonning & Malcolm Simpson Malcolm : Thanks for the info on the Court Case .Very interesting O.K. I guess my theory about Newburgh (Forveran
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2000
      For : Liz Tregonning & Malcolm Simpson
      Malcolm : Thanks for the info on "the Court Case".Very interesting
                     O.K. I guess my "theory" about Newburgh (Forveran Parish) was off the beam. The thing is the Martins had very close connections with Newburgh (that's Newburgh, Aberdeenshire by the way). George Buchan, the father of Jane (who married John Martin Senior) and Margaret (George Simpson's mother) was a harbour pilot in Peterhead and married an Elizabeth Innes from Newburgh. And, of course, John Martin Senior came from Newburgh. That's what made me think about that.
                     If George Simpson was Free Church, have you tried the Free Church records in the Scottish Records Office ?  Of even the Wills in the SRO for clues as to his father ?
      Liz : Many thanks for your response & information.
             Well, John Martin Senior did have a son George Gordon Martin who was born on March 17th.1817. But whether that's the same George Martin ?
              No, I don't believe they were connected to "Oily Bob". Although, Robert Martin Senior's father was a farmer (John Martin) who farmed near Collieston in Aberdeenshire and my John Martin Senior came from Newburgh which is pretty close to Collieston. But I am not aware of a family connection. "Oily Bob's" Martins were Episcopalian.
                   Kindest Regards...Happy to share any other info......Alex Ritchie  
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