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[Peterhead] George Simpson et al.

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  • Liz Tregonning
    To Malcolm Simpson and Alex Ritchie ALEX: Re Captain J. Martin Yes, he sailed on the Ranger in 1838, but also 1839 as well. He only appears as J
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2000
      To Malcolm Simpson and Alex Ritchie

      ALEX: Re 'Captain J. Martin'
      Yes, he sailed on the "Ranger" in 1838, but also 1839 as well.
      He only appears as 'J' Martin, so I cannot say whether he is a
      John or not. The ship was a 180 ton brig, and she first sailed
      for the Peterhead whaling fleet in 1838.
      (Capt. A. Ogston took command 1840 - 1843 and the ship was
      wrecked on an iceberg off Cape Durban in 1843.)

      I also have a George Martin, who was Mate of the "Xanthus",
      in 1853 (I think this is the right date). Is he any connection to
      your Martins...if so, I can say a bit more about him. Also,
      have you any connection to the famous Captain Robert Martin
      ('Oily Bob' Martin) and his son Capt. Robert Martin Jun.?

      MALCOLM: Should we tell Alex about The Court Case or not !!
      I've gleaned my whaling data from all sorts of sources in the
      course of researching the life of Captain William Penny. I have
      done a lot of reading, e.g. Basil Lubbock's - 'The Arctic
      Whalers', and I have to acknowledge Alex R. Buchan and his
      'The Peterhead Whaling Trade' and 'The Port of Peterhead'
      (he is a wonderful historian and lives in Peterhead).
      Old newspapers are a good source of 'stories' too, especially the
      autumn editions when the whalers returned to port. Crew lists
      can be sought at the PRO, Kew, if you have exact dates and ships
      (and unlimited time) but can the Arbuthnot Museum help locally?
      I am far, far away from Peterhead so I don't really know for sure.
      By the way I'm not a descendant of Captain William Penny, his
      grandfather and my 5xGt.grandfather were one and the same.
      The computer tells me I'm something 'removed' - but then aren't
      we all...
      Will add the interesting snippet about First Mate of the "Erik" to
      my data, thanks.
      Liz T.
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