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Peterhead 1867 Electors

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  • Wade Buchan
    Hi All, This is taken from the local newspaper. Does anyone know what the qualification required to be an elector? Regards, Wade. “The Buchan Observer”
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2000
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      Hi All,

      This is taken from the local newspaper. Does anyone know what the
      qualification required to be an elector?

      Regards, Wade.

      �The Buchan Observer� 1st November 1867

      We, the undersigned Electors of the Burgh of Peterhead, request that
      you, Messrs George Gilbert Anderson, Shipowner; Francis Robertson,
      Shipbuilder; James Stewart, Tanner; and Andrew Cruden, Corn Merchant,
      all in Peterhead, will allow yourselves to be brought forward as
      Candidates to the Town Council, at the approaching Nomination Meeting:-
      Arbuthnot Thomas, of Nether Kinmundy.
      Arbuthnot James, of Invernettie.
      Arbuthnot Thomas, Jun., Bath House.
      Alexander Thomas, Faichfield.
      Allan John, Stoneware Merchant.
      Allan David, Flesher.
      Allan James, Sailmaker.
      Alexander Alexander, Crofter.
      Alexander Charles, Carter.
      Alexander George, Green Grocer.
      Angus James, Shoemaker.
      Baird George, Shipmaster.
      Baird Alexander, Feuar.
      Birnie John, Flesher.
      Birnie John, Draper.
      Bonner James, Carter.
      Brand Charles, Ravenscag.
      Brand Robert, Westertown.
      Brand James, Carpenter.
      Brown John, of Hoe o� Buchan.
      Bruce John, Coal Merchant.
      Buchan Charles, Keyhead, St.Fergus.
      Bisset James, Feuar.
      Cassie Robert, Bogend.
      Cassie James, Merchant.
      Clark James, Sailmaker.
      Craig John, Saddler.
      Creighton Alexander, Wood Merchant.
      Cunningham John, Fruiter.
      Christian Chrales, Vinter.
      Davidson Aleander, Flesher.
      Davidson John, do.
      Davidson John, jun., do.
      Davidson Alexander, Farmer.
      Davidson James, Shoemaker.
      Donald John, Greystone.
      Ewan John, Shipowner.
      Fiddler Wm., of Stonehousehill, Cruden.
      Forrest Thomas, Carter.
      Finnie Robert, Tailor.
      Gray Roderick, Broad Place.
      Gray Alex., Meethill.
      Gourlay Alex., Oil Merchant.
      Green W.C., Baker.
      Grant Robert, Carter.
      Hay Alex., Merchant.
      Henry Charles, Bookseller.
      Henry Wm., Rope Manufacturer.
      Henderson Adam, Savock.
      Henderson R. R., Blackhouse.
      Heslop Wm., Shoemaker.
      Hutchison Wm., Draper.
      Hunter John, Merchant.
      Hepburn Alex., Ground Officer.
      Ingram John, Writer.
      Laing James, Innkeeper and Horse Hirer.
      Logan James, Carter.
      Lawrence Charles, Contractor.
      Mackie Alex., Harbour Works.
      McDonald Alex., Flesher.
      McIntosh John, Merchant.
      Mackinnon James, Manager Buchan Commercial Coy.
      McKenzie Alex., Blockmaker.
      McKenzie Alex., Carpenter.
      McLean William, Baker.
      Martin Robert, jr., Shipmaster.
      May John, Fishcurer.
      May Robert, Baker.
      Mess William, Grocer.
      Mess James, Easter Barnyards.
      Milne John, Cooper.
      Milne George, Contractor.
      Mitchell George, Collielaw.
      Mitchell Francis, Shoemaker.
      Murray James, Baker.
      Noble William, Merchant.
      Noble Willia, jr., Innkeeper.
      Ogston Alex., Shipmaster.
      Philip W.H., Merchant.
      Robb John, Farmer, Grange.
      Ramsay Wm. B., Stoneware Merchant.
      Reid James, Horse Bazaar.
      Rennie William, Confectioner.
      Robb James, Bylands.
      Robb James, Green Grocer.
      Robertson William, Blacksmith.
      Reid John, Carter.
      Sangster James, Newfield.
      Simpson James, Implement Maker.
      Smith James, Draper.
      Smith George, Merchant.
      Snell Alex., Bridgend, Cruden.
      Soutter James, Baker.
      Stewart Charles, Stoneware Merchant.
      Stewart Robert, Writer.
      Sutherland Robert, Flesher.
      Sutherland John, Fishcurer.
      Taylor John, Shipmaster.
      Tennant Robert, Fruiterer.
      Tennant John, Carter.
      Thomson Allan J., Cabinetmaker.
      Turner Alex., Fishcurer.
      Tod Charles, Shoremaster.
      Urquhart William, Baker.
      Watson Robert, Shoemaker.
      Watt Alex., Carter.
      Will John, Fishcurer.
      Will Charles, Gardener.
      Watt George, Fishcurer.
      Young Alex., Colliehill.
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