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  • Wade Buchan
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      With regards to John May, I have a family list as follows:
      John May b. 29 Nov 1828 married
      Jannet Milne b. 27 Aug 1836 - no marriage date or place.
      George Milne May, b. 18 Oct 1857, d. 19 Mar 1861
      John May, b. 27 Jan 1860, d. 12 Mar 1861
      Mary Jane Henderson, (nee May) b. 27 Feb 1861, d. in NZ
      James May, b. 15 Jan 1863, d. 11 Feb 1869
      Eliza Joan Wybourn, (nee May) b. 25 Aug 1864, d. in NZ
      Jessie Williamson May, b. 14 Sep 1866
      Barbara Henderson Bruce (nee May), b. 1 Aug 1868
      John Alexander May, b. 14 Feb 1870, d. in NZ 1921
      James May, b. 7 Aug 1871, d. 3 Sep 1871
      Paullina Bould (nee May), b. 3 Sep 1873, d. in NZ
      Margarett Milne May, b. 30 Jan 1875, d. 6 Oct 1875
      Stephen May, b. 12 Apr 1879, d. 1 Apr 1880.

      The family history, mainly oral, talks of Inverugie. Of the
      emigration to New Zealand, I suspect Mary Jane married Capt John
      Henderson in Peterhead and the family, or families emigrated together,
      the Mays, Hendersons, Wybourns and Boulds, although that is largely
      supposition. I don't know what emigration plans were available

      I do know that John May was a fisherman.

      Hope you can get something out of this.

      Ken may

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