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Re: More Peterhead Seamen

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  • Val Lowrie
    Dear Judy Thank you so much once again - yes scar on each hand seems very logical. Kind regards Val Lowrie ... From: Judy Hand To: One
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 17, 1999
      Dear Judy
      Thank you so much once again - yes 'scar' on each hand seems very logical.

      Kind regards
      Val Lowrie
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      From: Judy Hand <j.rhand@...>
      To: One list <Peterhead@onelist.com>
      Date: Friday, 17 September, 1999 7:15 PM
      Subject: [Peterhead] More Peterhead Seamen

      >From: Judy Hand <j.rhand@...>
      >I wrote down the information last week, and then didn�t send it on�I
      >don�t organise my time correctly�I�ll try and improve�anyway, here are
      >the latest descriptions of the seamen:
      >Film 1482581 BT 113/97
      >For Morag Hooker
      >No. 195103
      >Earnest Mundie Peterhead Aberdeen 4 October 1825
      >Seaman 5ft 3 � ins Light Fair Grey
      >None Seaman 1836 No No Peterhead
      >Peterhead 20 August 1845 22 No
      >No. 195104
      >James Mundie Peterhead Aberdeen 11 August 1829
      >Seaman 4ft 11 � ins Lt. Brown Fair Blue
      >None Seaman 1845 No No Peterhead
      >Peterhead 21 August 1845 16 Yes
      >William Sutherland Portsoy Banff 22 November 1810
      >Mate 5ft 6 � ins Brown Fair Blue
      >None Apprentice 1821 No No Portsoy
      >Peterhead 23 September 1845 35 Yes
      >For Wade
      >No. 195132
      >John Cheyne Peterhead Aberdeen 9 November 1832
      >Apprentice 4ft 8ins Yellow (really!) Fair Blue
      >None Apprentice 1846 No No Peterhead
      >Peterhead 31 January 1846 14 Yes
      >No. 195149
      >William Rennie Peterhead Aberdeen 20 June 1814
      >Steward 5ft 4 � ins Light Brown Fair Grey
      >None Steward 1834 No No Peterhead
      >Peterhead 18 February 1846 32 Yes
      >For Eileen Harrop
      >I rechecked the entry for William Middleton, and here is the entire
      >No. 195157
      >William Middleton Peterhead Aberdeen 4 October 1831
      >Apprentice 4ft 9 � ins Brown Fair Blue
      >None Apprentice 1846 No No Peterhead
      >Peterhead 21 February 1846 15 Yes
      >Val Lowrie
      >I thought I�d be clever and send you a copy of William Lourie�s entry so
      >you could see for yourself the description of his marks, but it was from
      >an earlier film and it had gone back. Sorry. However, having now read
      >several hundred of these, I think it probably only said that he had a
      >scar on each hand, and that the C was the second letter and that it just
      >hadn�t filmed will. I say this because nearly all the marks I read
      >about were scars, with only the odd tattoo thrown in, so that would be
      >my guess.
      >Dave Wallace
      >I�m sorry I could not look up James Robertson because the film I had
      >only dealt with registration of seamen in 1845, and your man would not
      >have been old enough.
      >All the best,
      >Judy Hand
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