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More Peterhead seamen's records

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  • Judy Hand
    I have had two further films in relating to seamen from Peterhead registered in 1845. The first one was men registered in London (LDS Film 1482515) who gave
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 1999
      I have had two further films in relating to seamen from Peterhead
      registered in 1845. The first one was men registered in London (LDS
      Film 1482515) who gave their place of birth as Peterhead - there were
      only nine of them, and they were:-

      William Lourie James Leslie John Forsyth
      Alexander Hutchinson Thomas Thomson John Mathieson
      George Henderson Mr. Duff Rae (or Rae Duff) William Catto

      As both William Leslie and I are researching Leslie ancestors, I�ll give
      James� description now:
      No: 32401
      Birthplace: Peterhead Date of Birth: 27 May 1827
      Capacity: Apprentice Height: 5ft 3ins
      Hair: Lt. Brown Complexion: Fresh
      Eyes: Blue Marks: None
      First went to sea as: Apprentice In the year: 1841
      Royal Navy: No Foreign Service: No
      When unemployed resides at: Peterhead
      Issued at : London On 4 August 1845
      Age when ticketed: 18 Can write: Yes

      As there were so few of them, I took down the details. However, on the
      next film (1482581), which was men registered in Peterhead, there were
      100 of them, so to hurry things along, I will just list their names and
      birthplaces. Of the men not born in Peterhead, nearly all of them gave
      Peterhead as their place of residence and, not wanting to be too
      selective, I took them all down.

      James Ironside Aberdeen
      Robert Cowie Aberdeen
      Alexander Robb Cruden
      Earnest Mundie Peterhead
      James Mundie "
      Alexander McKinnon "
      James Wilson Aberdeen
      James Herd St Fergus
      Alexander Hutcheon Boddom
      Charles Dickson Strathcathero
      William Sutherland Portsoy
      Adam Cardon Peterhead
      John McPherson "
      George Alexander "
      Thomas Grant "
      John Taylor "
      William Leith Stewartfield
      Adam Brown Peterhead
      William Troup "
      Peter Falconer "
      John Robertson "
      William Ried (sic) "
      John Lawson "
      James Jones "
      Charles Hay "
      John Hutchinson "
      Geroge Brown Boddom
      Patrick Allardyce Peterhead
      John Gray "
      William Diverall "
      Andrew Fraser Longside
      John Cheyne Peterhead
      John Grant St Fergus
      Adam Brown Peterhead
      James McKenzie "
      Geroge Daniel "
      James Scott Hull
      William Reid Buckie
      Alexander King Peterhead
      James Lumsden "
      James Morison Pitsligo
      Alexander Will Peterhead
      William Gregory "
      James Mathew "
      John Morrison Fraserburgh
      John Henry Banff
      Walter Anderson Aberlady
      William Allen Peterhead
      William Rennie "
      Archibald McDougal "
      Alexander Wood New Pitsligo
      James Florance Peterhead
      William Johnston Colchester
      Donal Fraser Cromarty
      William Bain Fraserburgh
      James Weddesburn Peterhead
      William Middleton "
      John Walker Perth
      Alexander Marshall Peterhead
      Adam Yule "
      Lawrence Adail "
      George Leslie "
      Alexander Stephen Inverallochy
      Alexander Morrice Peterhead
      Andrew Lyon Rosshearty
      William Sangster Peterhead
      John Smith Aberdeen
      James Brown Fraserburgh
      Robert Gordon Houston, Renfrew
      James Cow Crimond
      John Mathew Peterhead
      John Mitchell Aberdeen
      James Irvine "
      Gordon McKinnon Peterhead
      James Watt "
      Alexander Robertson New Deer
      William Gordon Old Machar
      William Birnie Peterhead
      James Simpson Banff
      Alexander Machie Peterhead
      William Morrison "
      Geroge Simpson Murray Peterhead
      John Milne Rathen
      John Sanderson McK Caithness
      Alexander McPherson Peterhead
      Alexander Stewart Peterhead
      Andrew Will "
      Mathew Ferguson Glasgow
      Alexander Duthie Peterhead
      Andrew Catto "
      William Porter New Machar
      Thomas Brown Monance, Fife
      William McKenzie Cullen, Banff
      John Thomson Buckie
      James Davidson Fraserburgh
      Alexander Abercrombie Dunn, Forfar
      Alexander Watt Peterhead
      Joseph Joss Portsoy, Banff
      John Evans Peterhead.

      Whew! My next appointment at the Family History Centre is Thursday
      morning , 2nd September, so if anyone wants a look up, would you please
      get back to me fairly promptly, remembering that NZ time is 12 hours
      ahead of UK. It�s no trouble to look them up, and I think I will have
      the film for a little bit longer, but I didn�t check to see when it had
      to go back.

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