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RE: [Peterhead] Gordon, Stott, Davidson and Hutton Ancestors in Peterhead

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  • Elisabeth Wilson
    Although I have Gordon and Davidson ancestors, they come from a generation or so further back and I can t see any connections :-(. Yes, this is a very helpful
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 14, 2013
      Although I have Gordon and Davidson ancestors, they come from a generation or so further back and I can't see any connections :-(. Yes, this is a very helpful group, and yes, try the Buchan Family History Society, or for that matter the Aberdeen one.
      Best wishes,
      Elisabeth Wilson
      Lenah Valley, Tasmania
      researching GORDON (Peterhead) GIBB (Peterhead) YOUNG (Slains/Cruden) SPENCE(Peterhead) PAUL (Peterhead?) MURRISON (Peterhead) CRAIG (Strichen) DAVIDSON (Strichen)

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      I just bumbled over this group, but I'm so glad to learn of its existence!

      My grandfather, Alexander Gordon, was born, grew up and trained as a printer in Peterhead (and was baptized at St. Peter's Episcopal Church not far from his family's home).  He was born July 24, 1892 and died in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on December 12, 1933.

      As background, my grandfather immigrated to Canada before World War I and served with the Canadians, but, during the war, he was hospitalized in Canada where he met my grandmother, his nurse, who was from Georgia.  They married and settled in Atlanta, Georgia USA where my grandfather owned and operated a printing business.

      To my surprise I learned over three years ago, with the help of an Edinburgh genealogist, that my Gordon ancestors were from County Sutherland, and, from DNA testing of my father, John Gordon (and involvement in the Gordon DNA Project), I know that my Gordon Sutherland family came originally from Aberdeenshire or Banffshire.  We always assumed that all our Gordon ancestors came from Peterhead, but not so.

      The long-term link I have to Peterhead is through my great-grandmother who was a Stott (and married to my great-grandfather, John Gordon, originally from Helmsdale, Sutherland); she was also related to the Davidsons and Huttons in Peterhead.

      So here is my Peterhead family.  I wonder if any of you might have a connection to any of them or any additional information; if I can share with you any information I have, please let me know.

      My grandfather, Alexander Gordon's, immediate Peterhead family were:

      John Gordon, cooper (Helmsdale, ca. 1847; died Glasgow 1929) married Jane Davidson Stott (Peterhead, May 1, 1855;died Glasgow 1919)(my great grandparents)

      John Gordon and Jane Stott's children were:

      1.     John George Gordon (Peterhead, April 9, 1877); we know nothing about him other than he purportedly immigrated to Australia and had a sheep farm/ranch/station

      2.     David Gordon (Peterhead, 1879; died Glasgow, August 10, 1936); he was a locomotive works laborer

      3.     Margaret Jane Gordon (Peterhead, 1881); we know nothing about her

      4.     Elizabeth Gordon (Peterhead, 1883) married William Scriven (England ca 1882)(children: Thomas Scriven (ca 1908);Evelyn Scriven (Scotland 1915))

      5.     Isabella Gordon (Peterhead, August 29, 1885); we know nothing about her

      6.     Thomas Hutton Gordon and Joseph Gordon (twins) (Peterhead, 1887; died Peterhead 1889)

      7.     James Stott Gordon (Peterhead 1890; died Edinburgh August 25, 1956); he was a cooper; married Elizabeth Anderson (one child: Esther Dyer Gordon)

      8.     Alexander Gordon (my grandfather) (Peterhead, July 24, 1892; died Atlanta December 12, 1933); he was a printer

      9.     Mary Gordon (Peterhead, May 5, 1895; died January 27, 1984) married to Ewan MacLean; we know nothing about her

      Jane Davidson Stott Gordon's Peterhead family:

      A.     Jane Gordon's parents and siblings were:

      David Stott, master mariner (Peterhead October 1818/November 1819; died at sea on the Alert and buried at Peterhead July 13, 1878) married Jane/Jean Hutton (Peterhead ca.1830; died Peterhead January 19, 1883)(my great great grandparents)

      David Stott and Jane Hutton's children (about whom we have no information other than what's below) were:

      1.     George Stott (Peterhead 1848)

      2.     David Stott (Peterhead ca 1850; died before January 1855)

      3.     Margaret Stott (Peterhead ca 1852)

      4.     Jane Davidson Stott (my great grandmother) (Peterhead May 1, 1855; died Glasgow 1919) married John Gordon (Helmsdale, ca. 1847; died Glasgow 1929)

      5.     Elspet Ogston Stott (Peterhead June 13, 1857)

      6.     Charles Hutton Stott (Peterhead 1859)

      7.     Mary J. Stott (Peterhead October 28, 1862)

      8.     Isabella Ross Stott (Peterhead October 13, 1866)

      9.     James Stott (Peterhead June 15, 1870)


      B.    Parents and siblings of David Stott (the master mariner)(my great great grandfather) were:

      George Stott, labourer/quarry lessee/quarrier/mason/contractor (March 1783; died Ark Win, Peterhead March 31, 1833) married Jane/Jean Davidson (Tyrie November 1783; Peterhead April 24, 1866)(my great, great, great grandparents); Jane's parents were John Davidson and Isabel (Isobel) Burnett (Burnet)(my great, great, great, great grandparents)(John and Isabel's children were: Thomas Davidson (August 1779); James Davidson (December 1780); and Jane/Jean Davidson))

      George Stott and Jane Davidson's children were:

      1.     John Stott (Peterhead December 1810/January 1811;died Peterhead August 25, 1811)

      2.     George Stott, cabinet maker (Peterhead February 1813; died Peterhead September 16, 1863) married Janet Cow

      3.     James Stott, master mariner (Peterhead March 1815; died Old Macher July 2, 1874) married to Margaret Whyte (Inverkeithny September 19, 1885)

      4.     Jean Stott (Peterhead December 1816/January 1817; died November 28, 1817)

      5.     David Stott (Peterhead October 1818/November 28, 1817; died at sea on the Alert, buried Peterhead July 13, 1878) married Jane/Jean Hutton (Peterhead ca.1830; died Peterhead January 19, 1883)(my great great grandparents)

      6.     Margaret Stott (Peterhead April 1821) married John Pirie (child: Jane Pirie (May  15, 1842)

      7.     Mary Ellis Stott (Peterhead November 1824; died New Aberdeen October 7, 1895 married Alexander Ingram


      Hope this isn't too confusing.


      Best regards,


      Nancy Gordon

      Atlanta, Georgia USA


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