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Re: William Robb & Mary Slessor

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  • megolithicmatt
    An update on this - I first found the birthplaces for William and Mary in multiple census results. However, I ve since found that there were two William and
    Message 1 of 11 , Jun 6, 2013
      An update on this - I first found the birthplaces for William and Mary in multiple census results. However, I've since found that there were two William and Mary Robb families in Aberdeen at the same time with the same children names and roughly the same ages. The differences were their occupations, places of birth and addresses (these also being quite close by...).

      I've finally found the correct family and the parents were not from the Peterhead area.

      Sorry about all the confusion! Thanks for the help, too.

      - Matthew

      --- In Peterhead@yahoogroups.com, "megolithicmatt" <megolithicmatt@...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I wonder if someone can help shed some light on these two people whom I believe were born in or around Peterhead. Their son, William (b. 30th April 1837 Peterhead, d. 27th August 1906 Aberdeen), my 3rd G-Grandfather, married Margaret Ann Grant on the 25th May 1861 in Aberdeen. He was a comb maker. Both of his parents were listed as deceased in the marriage certificate. I don't know if he had any brothers or sisters.
      > I have possible death dates - 26th December 1857 at St Catherine's, Peterhead for William Snr aged 55, and 15th April 1848 at Kirkton, Peterhead for Mary age 48. Given the popularity of the name William Robb in Peterhead about that time I'm not relying on this, and the Slessor certificate didn't mention the name Robb.
      > I can't find a marriage date for William and Mary, but I assume it was in the late 1830s. There are too many William Robb births/deaths to choose from, especially as I'm not sure of his age at death. I have a possible birth date of 15th April 1819 for Mary Slessor at Old Deer, to Basil Slessor and Elizabeth Ligertwood. Another Mary Slessor was born in Longside in 1823 but she would be far too young.
      > One possible link I have found was in an old Peterhead group topic (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Peterhead/message/4629), specifically this part:
      > "Robert Slessor, Seaman in Peterhead [had] a dau Mary Ann
      > born 2 Oct 1842 bap 23 Oct 1842
      > before William Robb and David Craig"
      > If William had married into this Slessor family then he could easily have been a witness for the birth of this child, but if he married into the Old Deer Slessors then the name may just be coincidence.
      > I mainly use Ancestry.com and ScotlandsPeople.gov.uk for research.
      > Regards,
      > Matthew Davidson
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