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Re: [Peterhead] The Morrisons of Ironside & Springbank, New Deer & Methlick

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  • Ray Hennessy
    Thanks, Ross. We ll just have to keep trying, and hoping! Good luck Ray
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 17, 2013
      Thanks, Ross.  We'll just have to keep trying, and hoping!

      Good luck


      On 17 April 2013 19:07, Ross Turner <tullynessleturnip@...> wrote:

      Thanks for your quick reply!
      I came across a lass in New Zealand a couple of months ago, she had been looking at the 'Boyndie Morrisons' fairly intently and I printed her list out, it's beside me now - there is no Janet Morrison matching your description.
      When I was in the National records Office in Edinburgh in Nov & Dec 2012 I had a rummage around for John Morrison & William Morrison (John's father) but found nothing. According to the birth certificate of James Morrison b.1855 John Morrison (his father) was married to Mary Scott in New Deer 1848; this information was supplied by Mary Scott's father Robert Scott. The New Deer marriage records are missing for that period. John was born around 1818-19?
      It could well be that the our link to any other Boyndie Morrisons will never be proved as records may simply not exist. If I lived closer to Edinburgh I'd be inclined to spend another day in the NRO looking at the Boyndie Morrisons, but I live in Finland :)
      If there's anyone out there who has thoroughly researched the Boyndie Morrisons and can point to 'my' William & John, and to 'your' Janet, please let us know!

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