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Re: [Peterhead] Mary Mackenzie

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  • Gweneth Myers
    No I don t, Hazel, I didn t even know his christian name up until a few weeks ago when I discovered Mary was in Australia. ... From: Hazel Stevenson
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 12, 2013

      No I don't, Hazel, I didn't even know his christian name up until a few weeks ago when I discovered Mary was in Australia.

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      Thanks Gwen - I forgot to add that the information that Alexander could write was also on the seaman's ticket, which I saw in Kew, London, when looking for my own line of Watts.  Do you know who Alexander's parents were?   Hazel

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      Hello Hazel,
      Thank you for the information especially on the Watt line.  Mary was the sister of Peter McKenzie and we only found out recently that she also came out to Australia.  She was living in Carlton, Victoria.  We found her on the 1851 census living with her parents in Scotland while her husband was at sea so imagine our surprise when she turned up here.  I have seen lots of information on the Watt line but did not know of the family connection until a few months ago so never really took much notice.
      Peter McKenzie was my husband's great grandfather.  I have Mary's birth certificate in 1828, her mother was Isabell Grant married to John McKenzie.  Peter was born as Patrick in 1832 but married as Peter - apparently these names are often switched. A lady at Scotlandspeople told me it wasn't unusual for Patrick to become Peter. His family also lived in Carlton, quite close to where Mary Watt lived. Peter married Ann Campbell in Peterhead in 1852 and they had 3 children in Scotland.
      The seaman's ticket is great - I hadn't looked into it before.  It is wonderful to have a description of Alexander.  I was going to look for seaman's tickets in Ann Campbell's family as they were white fishers from Findochty.  Your information has been very helpful.

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      Subject: [Peterhead] Mary Mackenzie
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      To Gwyneth,

      Here's some details about Mary Mackenzie.

      She was born about 1828 in Peterhead to John McKenzie, master cooper, b abt 1790 in Ullapool and Isabella, born about 1803 Aberdeen.   She married Alexander Watt, a seaman, born Rosehearty, Pitsligo 26/10/1821.  They had an Episcopalian marriage in Peterhead on 17/9/1849.

      They had one boy and 3 girls who died before 1855, including Helen (12/6/1852).  Son Alexander was born abt 18 July 1855 at Longate, Peterhead.

      Alexander Watt - Details from Seaman's Ticket 153016.  5ft 7inches tall.  Hair brown, complexion ruddy, eyes hazel.  In 1841 he was a steward.  He was run aground in New York 24/4/47.

      Hope this is helpful.  (I'm not related but am interested in all early Watts to see if I can find more links.)


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