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Re: [Peterhead] Shipping to Australia

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  • Marie
    Hi Elizabeth, Many thanks for the following email. Yes that is my chap 1845 but really wanted to find him arriving however grateful to find the 1845 entry.
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      Hi Elizabeth,
      Many thanks for the following email.    Yes that is my chap 1845 but really wanted to find him arriving however grateful to find the 1845 entry.   Interesting chap and is my gtgtgrandfather may have missed a gt there.
      I appreciate your kindness looking  at the records.  No he wasn’t a seaman but I am wondering as he was living in Peterhead Scotland if this might have a bearing on things.
      I will keep looking one of these days I will find something.
      You would think the LDS would have kepted a couple of old computers up and running so to use the CD’s.     I now wonder if the British Islaes Vital Records etc will work as my old computer died will this new updated one accept the above.
      Very grateful  if you manage to have a look at the CD provided it can be worked.
      Many thanks
      Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2013 12:14 PM
      Subject: Re: [Peterhead] Shipping to Australia

      Hi Marie,

      I did go tot he archives yesterday for you but to my dismay some of
      the CD ROMs which used to be loaded onto the public search computers
      are no longer there. Apparently when they installed new computers
      they did not match with the old software. They still have the CDs in
      the stacks so I'm going to request the Launceston index and see if
      they have a computer I can view it on.

      However, I can see on Trove (digitised newspapers) where A Florence
      departs for Adelaide, but not an arrival. I only looked from 1841 to
      1845 though.

      He is not in the general card index, which is not that significant,
      but it means he didn't get a land grant etc.

      Could he have been in the military forces? Or a seaman? They are not
      usually listed as arrivals if they just decided to stay and not sail home.

      There was a Thomas Florence who came out as a surveyor in 1818 - see
      the Wayn index, the second URL below - and I also saw a James
      Florence and family in the general card index, emigrating in 1913
      from Aberdeen.

      TO anyone else who is looking for people who came to Tasmania - there
      are several good indexes on the web
      but if you get stuck don't hesitate to ask - I have worked at the
      archives and am fairly familiar with their holdings.


      Elisabeth Wilson
      Lenah Valley, Tasmania
      researching GORDON (Peterhead) GIBB (Peterhead) YOUNG (Slains/Cruden)
      SPENCE(Peterhead) PAUL (Peterhead?) MURRISON (Peterhead) CRAIG
      (Strichen) DAVIDSON (Strichen)

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