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  • Mori
    Dear Kevin and others I am researching vessels owned in Australia and New Zealand. Further information on this project can be found at my website at
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 4, 2012
      Dear Kevin and others

      I am researching vessels owned in Australia and New Zealand. Further information on this project can be found at my website at www.boatregister.net.

      So far I have located references to 13 vessels that were built at Peterhead between 1842 and 1875. I am seeking someone who would be interested in corresponding regarding the history of these vessels, in particular I am interested in establishing their builders and early history. Perhaps someone has the book "A Peterhead Portrait" handy. In exchange, I have some information about their history while in Australia and New Zealand. The vessels are:

      Schooner Rosebud 1842
      Brig Lalla Rookh 1848
      Barque Ellon Castle 1853
      Barque Leonidas 1854
      2mst Schooner Yarra 1858
      Barque Charlotte Andrews 1862
      Barque Prospector 1863
      3mst Schooner Garron 1867
      3mst Schooner Elderslie 1868
      Barquentine Rosebud 1869
      3mst Schooner Estelle 1869
      3mst Schooner Countess of Errol 1873
      3mst Schooner Lochiel of 1875

      I note that the Rosebud is the same vessel mentioned in Kevin's email.

      The Garron and Lochiel are listed in Lloyds register as being built by Stephen. Was this Stephen & Forbes?

      Any assistance would be much appreciated.


      --- In Peterhead@yahoogroups.com, "krscarns" <krscarns@...> wrote:
      > Hi Group,
      > I have not posted since Sept of 2000 but the recent entries
      > that mentioned the Rosebud caught my eye and I thought I should
      > respond.
      > Some of the Shipbuilding firms in Peterhead in the 1800's were as
      > follows;
      > Alexander Geddes
      > John Taylor & Son
      > Wilson & Daniel
      > Lunnan & Robertson
      > Scott & Stevenson
      > Alexander Ingram
      > James Florence
      > Messrs Birnie
      > Francis Robertson
      > Stephen & Forbes
      > Carnegie & Matthews
      > My GG Grandfather Robert, of Carnegie & Matthews, built a total of
      > 29 vessels in Peterhead from 1859-1881, 2 of which were the Olive
      > Branch and the Rosebud.
      > My family and I visited Peterhead this summer and took many
      > pictures of the area to add to our family history. While there we
      > found time to visit the Museum. The display at the Arbuthnot Museum
      > has 2 paintings of the Rosebuds. Here is the information that is
      > listed about them:
      > Rosebud ( 202 tons) This three masted vessel was built in Peterhead
      > in 1869 by Carnegie & Matthews. The Rosebud was engaged in the China
      > tea trade for several years until she was found to be too small.
      > Collie sold the vessel to Australian owners in 1875.
      > Rosebud II (352 tons) The second three-masted vessel of the same
      > name was built in Peterhead in 1876 by Carnegie & Matthews. With
      > this vessel Collie went into general trade to South Africa, India,
      > China, Japan, and Australia, as well as North and South America. The
      > Rosebud was wrecked in 1888 at Mossel Bay in South Africa.
      > This bit of information was found on the internet-Rosebud, British
      > three-masted wooden schooner (341 tons), Capt. J. Collie sank August
      > 30 1888 at Dias Beach Mosselbaai, also spelt Mossel Bay. I have
      > digital copies of both Rosebuds' if anyone is interested.
      > This website, http://www.mariners-l.co.uk/index.html lists many
      > vessels with their official numbers, year built, tonnage etc. The
      > search term "Peterhead" brought up many hits.
      > While at the Peterhead library I photocopied the index of the
      > vessels built in Peterhead from 1837-1885, taken from Jim
      > Buchan's "A Peterhead Portrait" listing year, name, tonnage and
      > builder. If anyone knows where I can get a copy of this book (I have
      > been told it is out of print) it would be greatly appreciated.
      > Thank you in advance,
      > Have a good day,
      > Kevin
      > Canada
      > Researching Carnegie, Leslie, Taylor,
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