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Re: [Peterhead] Re: James Sim and Joan McKenzie

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  • Margaret Geddes
    Hi Gweneth   Joan McKenzie (1830-1872) was the daughter of Ann Sangster and Murdoch McKenzie. I don t have any dates for them yet as I am still researching
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 17, 2011
      Hi Gweneth
      Joan McKenzie (1830-1872) was the daughter of Ann Sangster and Murdoch McKenzie. I don't have any dates for them yet as I am still researching this side. Joan McKenzie was married to James Sim around 1850'ish. Whether she had any siblings I can't say but I will do some research over Xmas when I have some time off work.
      The Sim line is connected to Geddes through the grandaughter of James Sim (Edith Sim) she married Peter Geddes in 1921, who is my hubands's paternal grandfather.
      There are desendants of James Sim in New Zealand and the daughter of Peter Geddes and Edith Sim lives in Austrailia.
      I will do a bit of digging for you and see what comes to light.
      Good luck with you research and have a nice Xmas.

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      Hello Margaret
      I have been researching my husband's lines of Campbell and McKenzie.  The Campbells came from Findotchy and the McKenzies were from around Fraserburgh.  Ann Campbell married Peter McKenzie in Peterhead in the 1850s.  This line has also a connection with the names JACK, McINTOSH and GEDDES from around the Aberdeen area.  I was wondering if any of these names are familiar within your GEDDES or McKENZIE lines?
      Gweneth Myers
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      Thank You very much Margaret --- In Peterhead@yahoogroups.com, "Barbara Dawes" <bedawes@...> wrote: > > Hi Margaret, > > The following kind of summarizes the data I have on John SIM > > John SIM: Born 27 April 1862 Peterhead (Cairntrodlie); > Died Dec 31, 1939 Peterhead (4 Constitution St.) > > John was found in the 1871 census at Cairntrodlie in Peterhead, > Aberdeenshire as a Scholar. He is listed at home in the 1881 census at 1 > Cairntrodlie in Peterhead as a mason age 18. At the time of his marriage in > 1884 he has a residence at 7 Cairntrodlie in Peterhead and occupation of > Mason. Son Andrew's birth registration shows the family is at 17 King St. > in Peterhead. In the 1891 census he is at 1 Hanover St. in Peterhead and > listed in the household is Robert Whyte age 22 born Aberdour, Mason. The > 1901 census he is at 63 Kirk St. in Peterhead listed as a Mason Builder > Dresser. On daughter Bella's birth in 1903 his occupation is given as Mason > (Journeyman) and in 1906 on son William's birth his occupation is given as > Foreman Mason. His death registration gives his occupation as Retired > Mason. > > Isabella WHYTE: Born 03 November 1864 Aberdour, Aberdeenshire (Little Byth); > Died July 13, 1946 Peterhead (The Cottage Hospital) > > At the time of her marriage in 1884 Isabella had a residence at Tolbooth > Wynd in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire with an occupation of Domestic Servant. > Isabella was found in the 1891 census at 1 Hanover St. in Peterhead and the > 1901 census she is with her husband at 63 Kirk St. in Peterhead. Her > residence at the time of her death in 1946 was at 4 Constitution St. in > Peterhead as was her Son-in-law P. Geddes who was the informant. > > Tombstone in Peterhead says died July 17, 1946 aged 81 - perhaps this should > be the burial date. > > My connection is going back through the SIM's to the ROBB's originating in > St. Fergus area of Banffshire. > Barbara >
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