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Robertsons - Ship Carpenters in Peterhead

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  • William Robertson
    Hello All! I m brand new to the group and just lurking about for a few days has proved very insightful. While not exactly new to genealogy, my recent
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21, 2011
      Hello All!
      I'm brand new to the group and just lurking about for a few days has proved very insightful.  While not exactly new to genealogy, my recent retirement has given me the time I'd always wanted to explore.  Suffice to say I have some info, but still hungry for more.  I'm a first generation Robertson transplanted to the US (New Jersey to be exact) and have a large family branch that I've already been able to track back to Peterhead.  I'll list what I have below.  (Please forgive if the format is not correct and don't hesitate to remediate.)  Any insights as to these individuals and further back would be most appreciated.
      Regards and thanks in advance!
      Bill Robertson

      James Robertson Born Jan. 12, 1859 on Windmill Street, Peterhead to James Robertson and Agnes Robertson (Maiden name: Clark).  James was my great-grandfather and a ship’s carpenter.  He later married Helen Duff McIntosh (January 17, 1881) and moved to Dundee.

      The James Robertson mentioned above was born around 1837 in Peterhead and was baptized on Feb 11, 1838.  His parents are listed as James Robertson and Anne Smith.  He resided at Backgate Street and he too is later listed as a ship’s carpenter.  He Married Agnes Cark from Peterhead on October 7, 1858 and then the couple moved to Aberdeen.  He died at the Royal infirmary on February 8, 1912.

      Agnes Clark was born about 1841 in Peterhead and baptized there on Feb. 7, 1841.  The family lived on Castle Street in 1841 and then on Windmill Street in 1851.

      James Robertson born about 1818 in Peterhead and baptized on Nov 15, 1818 in Peterhead.  He married Anne Smith from Rathven in Peterhead on May 3, 1840 and died at the Royal Lunatic Asylum in Aberdeen on May 7, 1871.  The death records give his father as James Robertson (another ship’s carpenter) and his mother as Margaret Skinner.  While I haven’t been able to track down any definitive records on these two individuals, I’m assuming that they too were from Peterhead.

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