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RE: [Peterhead] Re: BDM Indexes updated

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  • John & Margaret Hector
    Thank you for the information you posted re Catherine Hay. For me, unfortunately, she is not the one I am looking for - as many of her siblings died quite
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      Thank you for the information you posted re Catherine Hay. For me, unfortunately, she is not the one I am looking for – as many of her siblings died quite young, I shall look in that direction.




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      I do have a few. My great grandmother was born on 14th February 1867 in Whinnyfold, Cruden, eighth child of Andrew Hay and Jane Findlay. On 21st September 1891 she married Archibald McDougall of Peterhead, in the Episcopal Church. She was Archibald's second wife ; his first wife, Jemima, had died in childbirth eighteen months earlier, from puerperal fever after delivery of their third child. Poor Jemima had spent the early part of her short life in the Poorhouse in Ugie Street, illegitimate daughter of an inmate of the Aberdeen Royal Lunatic Asylum. As far as I can tell, Catherine bore only one child, Margaret Jane McDougall, my grandmother, in 1893, while they were living in Chapel Street, Peterhead. Catherine took ill in early May 1900, and after a prolonged episode of diarrhoea, died on 15th May that year. She was just thirty-three.


      One of the sadnesses of piecing together these stories is the number of preventable diseases that took people, diseases so often down to what we see as basic hygiene, like poor Jemima too, and I can help thinking that so often, the only time many of my ancestors were seen by a physician was to certify the cause of death.


      The puzzle for me is what became of Archibald. All I know of him, apart from being in the Merchant Services, is that he was living with three children from Jemima in Jamaica Street along with a woman called Jane Park, listed as his housekeeper, and  was dead by the time Maggie Jane got married in 1918 to my grandfather ; it was not he, but Catherine's older brother John, who reported her death to the registrar. I guess it's possible he died at sea, but I'd have thought his death still should be recorded at GROS, though there's not a trace.


      I would be interested to know if Catherine Hay appears in anyone else's family history, and what further details of her life might be available.



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      Hi Alex

      Do you have any particulars about Catherine Hay?




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      Hello Wade,

      I have a couple who I know were married in Peterhead (Archibald McDougall and Catherine Hay, m. 21/09/1891, Episcopal Church Peterhead), but whose marriage doesn't appear in the indexes here. Is this just an omission, or are there other criteria to be applied? I can of course supply documentary evidence (GROS 232/01 0071).



      --- In Peterhead@yahoogroups.com, "Wade Buchan" <wsb@...> wrote:
      > I've updated the Birth, Death and Marriage indexes files with further records.
      > Death index now includes complete 1878 and 1879 deaths (exception part 2 landward).
      > Currently working on the Old Kirkyard Lair index, quite a few additions.
      > Regards,
      > Wade.


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