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Davidson and Cormack

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  • Wade Buchan
    Hi Debbie, Some extra information. You will need to prove a connection with this family, but it looks like they are connected to yours. Peterhead Old Kirkyard
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2011

      Hi Debbie,


      Some extra information.  You will need to prove a connection with this family, but it looks like they are connected to yours.


      Peterhead Old Kirkyard Lair E155 & E156

      E155 -Alexander Davidson – Quarrier

      20/08/1841, Margaret Bruce, age 5, Fish Lane

      14/03/1843, William Clark, age 2 ½, Union Street

      30/05/1851, James Clark, age 11, Union Street

      25/01/1870, George Clark, age 73, Union Street

      8/11/1873, William Davidson, age 83, Buchanhaven

      8/07/1911, Ellis C Reid, age 68, Queen Street

      4/01/1918, Ellis, Davidson, age 57, Glenugie, Longside


      E156 – Alexander Davidson – Quarrier

      1/06/1854, Margaret Alexander, age 68, Windmill Street

      10/01/1878, Alfred Davidson, age 9 months, Auchlenchries

      14/11/1895, George W. Davidson, age 5, Auchlenchries

      27/05/1914, Isabella C. Davidson, age 81, Queen Street

      28/05/1921, George Davidson, age 96, Glenugie, Longside


      Peterhead Deaths 1873

      No.185, William Davidson, Quarrier, Widow of Margaret Alexander, died 1873 November Seventh 11h 25m AM at Buchanhaven, male, age 85 years, parents: Alexander Davidson, Carter (dead) and Margaret Davidson ms Cormack (dead), cause: a) Heart Disease b) Anasarca, informant: Alexander Davidson, Nephew (Present), Neighbour.


      No.181, David Davidson, Single, died 1873, October Twentyninth 7h AM at Buchanhaven, male, age 5 years, informant: Alexander Davidson, Farmer and Jane Davidson ms Baird, cause: Croup, informant: Alexander Davidson, Father, Present.


      Peterhead Deaths 1868

      No.157, Barbara Baird, Widow of Alexander Baird, Farmer, died 31/10/1868 Noon at Buchanhaven, female, age 76 years, parents: Alexander Davidson, Crofter (dead) and Margaret Davidson ms Cormack (dead), cause: Carbuncle, six weeks, informant: Alexander Baird, present, occupier.


      Peterhead 1871 Census

      District 22, page 23, Ware Road, No.116

      William Davidson, Head, Widr, age 81, Ag. Labourer, born Peterhead



      Alexander Davidson, Head, Mar. age 45, Farmer of 50 Arable Acres employing 2 men and boy, born Peterhead

      Jane Davidson, Wife, Mar, age 39, born Peterhead

      Alexander Davidson, Son, unmar, age 18, Farmer’s Son, born Peterhead

      Barbara Davidson, Daughter, unmar, age 14, born Peterhead

      George Davidson, Son, age 12, Scholar, born Peterhead

      Margaret Davidson, Daughter, age 8, Scholar, born Peterhead

      Jane Davidson, Daughter, age 4, born Peterhead

      David Davidson, Son, age 2, born Peterhead

      David Davidson, Brother, unmar, age 24, Farm Servant, born Peterhead

      Jane Davidson, Sister, unmar, age 23, Domestic Servant, born Peterhead


      It looks like your George Davidson b.1797 married to Margaret Smart, parents are Alexander Davidson and Margaret Cormack, with brother William Davidson b.1788 and sister Barbara Baird ms Davidson b1792.


      I also have photos of the headstone for Lair E154, which I’ll scan send separately.






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