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RE: [Peterhead] Seeking descendants of Matthew Nicol, 1811-1877

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  • Carrie Anderson
    Hi Mary, I m not related but if they were Presbyterian, chances are my Great Great Great (I think it s 3 greats) Grandfather Rev James Stewart married some of
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      Hi Mary,


      I’m not related but if they were Presbyterian, chances are my Great Great Great (I think it’s 3 greats) Grandfather Rev James Stewart married some of them in the Old Parish Church J





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      Subject: [Peterhead] Seeking descendants of Matthew Nicol, 1811-1877


      Are you a descendant of Matthew Nicol, Peterhead seaman and later Ship Master (1811-1877) or do you know of someone who is? I am organising a gathering of Matthew's descendants, to be held in Peterhead on Saturday 18 June this year, and would like to get in touch with any descendants whom I have not yet managed to contact, and invite them to join us. 


      Matthew Nicol (1811-1877) was a seaman and shipmaster who lived most of his life in Peterhead. He was born in North Berwick, but as a young man settled in Peterhead and married Charlotte Leask. They had eight children. After Charlotte's sudden death in 1857, he married Jane Stephen and had another five children. When he retired from the sea, he set up a fish curing business and also served on the pilot boat. Several of his children died young, but seven of them had offspring who survived them. They are listed below:

      William Nicol (1833-1861) was a harpooner on a whaling ship and died on the fateful expedition of the Alert in 1860-61. His widow, Helen Milne, and three children later emigrated to South Africa, where there are a large number of descendants. A few of these have moved more recently to England and Canada.

      Alexander Wallace Nicol (1838-1893), like his father, was a seaman and later shipmaster. He married Margaret Chisholm McKay, and eventually moved with his family to Sunderland. Some of the family later lived in London and other parts of England.

      Robert Innes Nicol (1846-1907) became a cooper. He remained in Peterhead, and married Isabella Grieve Henderson. His business and family flourished, and some of his descendants still live in Peterhead or nearby. I have made contact with several, but there may be many others.

      Ann Innes Nicol (1849-1942) married William Young, a farm labourer, and they emigrated with their family to Canada. Many of their descendants now live in various parts of Canada and the United States.

      Mary May Nicol (1859-1934) married John Hutchison, who had a grocery and ship chandlery in Peterhead. Some of their descendants now live in the south of England.

      Matthew Nicol (1861-1921) (my grandfather) became a fish curer. He married Helen McIntosh and, after her early death, Janet Chalmers, both from Peterhead. He later moved his business and family to Northern Ireland, and then to Glasgow. His descendants now live in Scotland, Wales, the United States and Australia.

      John Nicol (1865-?) became a watchmaker. He worked for a time in Dundee where he married Christina Nicoll, and then set up a watch and clockmaking business in Warrington, Lancashire.  A search of Warrington records indicates that the family may have moved from Warrington in 1911 or soon after. I have been unable to trace John or his descendants beyond the 1911 census.


      I have been trying to contact as many descendants as possible and would love to add more to the group, and invite them to attend the gathering, so please get in touch if you can  help.



      Mary Barnes


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