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  • Henderson, Roy
    DeLories, Please excuse a brief reply but I have just read your email on my mobile and wanted to at least give an immediate response. This list is monitored by
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2010

      Please excuse a brief reply but I have just read your email on my mobile and wanted to at least give an immediate response.

      This list is monitored by several of the FHSB Committee and, on behalf of the FHSB I would offer apologies for what appears to have been a less than satisfactory experience for you.

      The Committee will check what has gone wrong regarding your purchase and we will ensure that any technical problems you are still having get resolved.

      Once again, apologies.



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      Sent: Thu Feb 11 17:49:29 2010
      Subject: [Peterhead]

      I need some help on the Cemeteries in Peterhead.
      Last fall I had ordered the CD for St Peters Old Churchyard thru the Peterhead Historical Society. For a long time I never got the CD and when it finally arrived they sent me the wrong one. They sent Memorial Inscriptions Peterhead Cemetery, Constitution Street. I notified them that a CD had arrived but was the wrong one. I offered to send it back but they said to just keep it and they would send me the correct one. That they did and I emailed them that it had arrived and thanked them very much for being so kind. WELL, after I put the CD in my computer it did not work. After a couple of months going thru all of this process I was sadly disappointed. I emailed them again and told them what had happened and would, again, be happy to return the CD and would they please send me one that works. Now I have Vista on one computer but XP on my other and it did NOT work on either computers. Guess what, I never heard from them again. I'm not sure if they thought I was pulling something or what - which believe me I was not doing anything like that.
      Most of my family, as far as I know, are buried in the St Peters Old Churchyard and I truly do want that CD.
      Has anyone else had any problems with this and can you please offer me some advise. I am so very disappointed.
      Thank you for your kind consideration

      DeLories Vaughn
      Washington State, USA

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