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Re: Birnie Canumdurm

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  • mpexota@yahoo.com
    Linda.. Thanks for responding... although it wasn t what I wanted to hear.  I m still hoping you can help me though.  I really am flying blind on this one,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2009
      Linda.. Thanks for responding... although it wasn't what I wanted to hear.  I'm still hoping you can help me though.  I really am flying blind on this one, as this is not my family.. but a Genealogy Birthday gift. Could you just check to see if I am on the right track. According to the IGI  Four male Birnies were born in relative succession to Alexander Birnie.and ?????? Alex. 1777, Peter 1778, William 1780, and James 1782.  A fair guess is that neither Peter or James survived to appear on the 1841 census.although I found James' family thrugh Margaret Bain. Alex appear married to Fanny and William appears married to Isabella.  Three of the four (-Peter) or their descendents live on Longate street.. James' children are Alexander Jane/Jean Peter and William (all family names)
      James's name appears on Lair E173,   Alexander on Lair E174  and Peter on Lair E175.  Each of these Lairs has the note George Birnie and Others.

      These three Lairs seem to be adjacent to your Birnie family Lair

      What do you believe the connection is to your family? 
      Have you or anyone else looked at the 1855 death cert. for Alex. Lair E174. I do appreciate any help that you can provide.. and although it started as a birthday gift it now has become a challange for a geneaholic. All the best db


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      I was unable to connect James Birnie 1782-1830 to my Birnie family tree.
      James & Margaret Bain married 10.06.1813 in Peterhead. James died 15.11.1830
      Peterhead. His occupation was Harbourmaster & Mason (per Margaret's and his
      son Alexander's death certificates) .

      James baptism was 16.09.1782 in Peterhead. The IGI shows an Alexander Birnie
      as his father but no mother's name is given. The unfortunate part being that
      without knowing his mother's name I cannot make a positive connection
      although I feel certain there is one.

      If I can help you with any further information about James please let me

      Linda Adam

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      From: mpexota
      Date: 03/04/09 19:29:35
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      Subject: [Peterhead] Re: Reid families in Peterhead

      Alex.. A number of years ago you were doing some research with Linda Adam on
      the Birnie family of Peterhead..and I am hoping that this is still true.. I
      have a James Birnie 1782-1830 Longate St. married to Margaret Bain 1788-1871
      that I am finding it hard to find his parents. Any assistance would be
      greatly appreciated. ..db

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