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RE: [Peterhead] Re: Charles Duncan Rice

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  • Kathy Trevelyan
    Thanks Alison, it s a good idea, and in many cases would probably be the answer but he was the illegitimate son of Jane Davidson, who later married, and was
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      Thanks Alison,
      it's a good idea, and in many cases would probably be the answer but he was the illegitimate son of Jane Davidson, who later married, and was adopted by Duncan and Wilhelmina Davidson. I don't know where they are buried, although I am trying to find out. I suppose it's possible that he may have had his name put on their headstone, but his son John predeceased him and is in the same lair in Peterhead, and I don't think he would have been left in an unmarked grave - that's one of the reasons I find it so strange that there is nothing there, I'm sure Charles and his wife Marion would have erected a stone for their son. Anyway, the mystery continues!
      Thanks again,

      To: Peterhead@yahoogroups.comFrom: alison2kennedy@...: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 21:23:53 +0000Subject: Re: [Peterhead] Re: Charles Duncan Rice

      Hi Kathy,If you have the details of Charles Duncan Rice's illness, death & funeral it's very unlikely that the Buchan Observer will contain any other information on him. Although he is buried in Constitution Street Cemetery have you considered that his memorial may be in another churchyard or cemetery. From a quick look on Ancestry I see from census returns that he may have been born in Aberdeen and possibly an only child. If his parents died in Aberdeen their memorial may also include his death even though he is not buried there.Hope this helps.Alison----- Original Message ----From: Kathy Trevelyan <kathytrevelyan@...>To: peterhead@yahoogroups.comSent: Tuesday, 29 April, 2008 12:18:20 AMSubject: RE: [Peterhead] Re: St Peter's CemeteryHello again,he died when he was only 58 and, as far as I know, he was still in post at the time. It was actually 1930 when he died, not 1931 as I mistyped earlier. It would be really useful to have the Buchan Observer online, but it sounds like a mammoth task! It was in the Peterhead Library microfilm that I found the details of his illness, death and funeral. At the time I didn't think to go back and look for any further information after I found there was no headstone. His son John, who died aged just 13 is also in the same lair - also unmarked. I wonder if there is any centralised archive in London that has Scottish Newspapers on microfilm? I know many English ones are available. I'll try and find out, wish me luck!Thanks KathyTo: Peterhead@yahoogrou ps.comFrom: roy.henderson@ eu.weatherford. comDate: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 11:19:26 +0100Subject: RE: [Peterhead] Re: St Peter's CemeteryI am sure the Buchan Observer would have made mention of any publicsubscription Kathy. I don't think editions from the 1930s are availableonline - some from the last couple of years are. They are available onmicrofilm at the library in Peterhead. It does seem strange that someoneso prominent (then) in the local community does not have any memorial.I believe the FHSB is giving some thought to a project to scan theBuchan Observer using current technology as a precursor to perhapseventually making it available to those outwith the local area - howeverthat is still very much at the embryonic stage just now and has not yeteven been adopted as a formal project as far as I know.Did your grandfather die in-post or following retirement?Regards, Roy______ _________ _________ ________From: Peterhead@yahoogrou ps.com [mailto:Peterhead@yahoogrou ps.com] OnBehalf Of Kathy TrevelyanSent: 27 April 2008 20:29To: peterhead@yahoogrou ps.comSubject: RE: [Peterhead] Re: StPeter's CemeteryHi Roy,I'm sure I found the right lair as I enlisted the help of a stonemasonwho was carving a headstone in the cemetery! Charles was survived by hiswife and several children and her family were well off, so it could nothave been lack of funds. I think it's possible that a publicsubscription would have been planned - do you think the Buchan Observerwould mention this ? I will have to come back up and look through thearchives, but goodness knows when I'll be able to get there! I don'tsuppose the Buchan Observer is available online is it? I've googled it,but no luck.Thanks for your thoughts,KathyTo: Peterhead@yahoogrou ps.comFrom<mailto:Peterhead% 40yahoogroups. comFrom> :roy.henderson@ eu.weatherford. comDate<mailto:roy. henderson% 40eu.weatherford .comDate> : Sun, 27 Apr 200820:19:12 +0100Subject: RE: [Peterhead] Re: St Peter's CemeteryHi Kathy,Firstly, are you CERTAIN you found the correct location? Itmight justbe worth checking thatthe stones on either side do match withthe lairrecords. Secondly, would your grandfather have had local familysurviving him?There's always a slight chance that if there were no localrelativesthen no stone might have been erected.Thirdly, given hisposition, it might have been the intention to fund amemorial from publicsubscription which may never have been concluded.Finally, I would nothave expected a stone to disappear completely fromConstitution St overthe last 80 years. Damage in that cemetery is rareand any broken stonewould probably have been left in situ albeit notleft standing.Have youany plans to return?Regards, Roy______ _________ _________ ________From:Peterhead@yahoogrou ps.com <mailto:Peterhead% 40yahoogroups. com>[mailto:Peterhead@yahoogrou ps.com <mailto:Peterhead% 40yahoogroups. com> ]OnBehalf Of kathytrevelyanSent: 27 April 2008 19:00To:Peterhead@yahoogrou ps.comSubject<mailto:Peterhead% 40yahoogroups. comSubject> : [Peterhead] Re: StPeter'sCemeteryI went to Peterhead recently and looked for my grandfather' sgrave in the Constitution Street cemetary. I got the lair number and setoff to look for the plot. When eventually found it was shocked to findthat there was no stone. I'm sure there must have been one because hewas a well known person- I found articles in the Buchan Observer abouthis illness and death and also an account of his funeral which seems tohave been attended by most of the town. I'd like to find out whathappened to the stone, and I would also like to get a new one when thelottery win comes along. Does anyone know if records are kept withdetails of headstones or of damage to them - I know this is hghlyunlkely! My grandfather' s name was Charles Duncan Rice and he was Rectorof Peterhead Academy. He died in 1931.Thanks, Kathy--- InPeterhead@ yahoogroups. com <mailto:Peterhead% 40yahoogroups. com><mailto: Peterhead% 40yahoogroups. com> ,"pleslie23" <william.leslie@...>wrote: >> I have finally sat down to review the CD from the FamilyHistory > Society of Buchan. It is a good job. One set of my greatgrandparents > and great grandparents, Rankins, are in Lair E63. Youwill notice > that this monument is easily readable and in good shapeexcpt for the > Urn missing from the top.> In 1996 two of my Peterheadaunts took me to this cemetery and showed > me this monument. The topstone cover and the urn were lying on the > ground and had obviouslybeen broken off by vandals. One aunt > said,"When I win the Lottery, Iwill egt this fixed." Well, I > thought, does it cost that much that youhave to win a lottery to get > it fixed. I contacted Robertson Memorialsand got a quote to clean > the stone, redo the lettering and replace thetop and the urn. By the > time I next saw it, the urn had disappeared. >Many of my family, including newly discovered cousins in Buffalo NY, >pitched in and robertsons did the repairs in 2004.> I wasin Peterheadin 2005 and visited st Peter's to see the job. On > different days Iwalked all over that cemetery looking for the urn > and picking upgarbage, chip bags, drink cans cigarette packages, > etc. but neverfound it. I did have an idea to go looking in all the > backyards nearbyto see if I could see it but abandonned that idea.> When I first thoughtabout repairing this stone, I talked to > officials of the Aberdeenshiregovern ment to find out whether they > would repair vandalism damage inthis old and historically valuable > cemetery. It seems that no one hasthis responsibility. They readily > gave me permission to go ahead anddo it, however.I was thankful for > this. In my several visits to StPeter's I was apalled by the amount > of vandalism damage and othersheer neglect that is evident in the > upper and older area of thishistoric site. > Having had much experience in my country with the powerof groups of > ordinary citizens to get things donewhen officialscannot, I thought > that someone should form a FRIENDS OF ST PETER'SCEMETERY group. This > group, drawn from those of us who have familyburied there, would > work with officials to keep the cemetery clean,raise funds to repair > monuments where possible and otherwise lookafter this holy ground > where our ancestors lie. Would this not be agreat project for the > Family history Society of Buchan to undertake?>Regards> William Leslie>===== ========= ========= ========CONFIDEN TIAL &PRIVILEGED COMMUNICATION The information contained in this message isprivileged, confidential, and protected from disclosure. This message isintended for the individual or entity addressed herein. If you are notthe intended recipient,please do not read, copy, use or disclose thiscommunication to others. Also please notify the sender by replying tothis message, and then delete it from your system. 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