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RE: [Peterhead] What parish

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  • R.J.B.Collinson
    Mary Thank you very much for your reply - That s sorted it out in my brain! And thank you for the web site which I hadn t discovered previously! All the best
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 12, 2008
      Thank you very much for your reply - That's sorted it out in my brain! And
      thank you for the web site which I hadn't discovered previously!

      All the best


      R. J. B. Collinson
      United Kingdom


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      Hi Richard,
      As nobody else has replied to your question, I'll have a go. I have a
      copy of the chapter on Peterhead (pages 344-396) in the 'New'
      Statistical Account of Scotland dated 1834-45, which covers the period
      you are asking about. You can find it at

      The parish of Peterhead included the whole of the town and some of the
      adjacent farming land. It extended for about four miles from north to
      south and three to four miles from east to west. It was bounded on the
      south by the parish of Cruden, on the west by Longside and on the
      north by St Fergus.

      The churches are described on pages 381-382. There was apparently just
      one (Church of Scotland) parish church "standing at the entrance into
      the town from the south and west". It contained seating for 2000
      people. There was also an East Church described as "a preaching
      station in connection with the established church" - a separate
      building seating 700 people with its own minister, but belonging to
      the same parish. There was also an Episcopal chapel, a United
      Associate congregation, an Independent congregation, and a place of
      worship for the "Methodist sect". These latter do not seem to have
      been called churches.

      So I guess where your ancestor was baptised would depend on which
      denomination the family belonged to. I'm not sure whether or not
      baptisms from other denominations made it into the Old Parish
      Registers on Scotlands People. I have been unable to find baptisms for
      some of my ancestors who were Methodists.

      Hope this helps.

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