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Re Hay Farm

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  • Hazel Stevenson
    Hello David, I have a distant link with your family through WILLIAM THOM who married HELEN MATTHEW 26 Nov 1839 at Cruden and went on to have the three sons you
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2008
      Hello David,

      I have a distant link with your family through WILLIAM THOM who married HELEN MATTHEW 26 Nov 1839 at Cruden and went on to have the three sons you listed.

      However, Helen died between 1847 and 1850 and her husband William was remarried to JESSIE KEITH (born 1827) on 15/6/1850 at Ellon. They had seven children together, and it is from their daughter MARGARET THOM (B 4/7/1860 at Cruden) that I am descended.

      Here's some more details about WILLIAM THOM.
      Born about 1913 in Pitsligo to WILLIAM THOM (bapt. 21/1/1787 in Pitsligo) and LIZZIE WALKER (bapt 8/5/1779), married Pitsligo 23/10/1808. William Thom senr died 4/6/1862 in Fraserburgh and Lizzie Walker died 30/4/1862 at Hanover St, Fraserburgh. Both were buried in Peathill.

      Census - 1841 - William Thom, age 27 at Atherb, New Deer, Agricultural Labourer.
      (I think this is him. His wife Helen was at home in Hayfarm with her baby
      son Alexander.)

      1851 - South Hayfarm, Cruden. Alexander (10) and James (4) are with their grandparents, who are named as JAMES AND JANET MATTHEW, aged 60 and 66.
      William Thom can be found at Ogson, Slains.

      1861 William and Jessie and 5 children are at 5 Ardiffery, Cruden.

      William died 27/10/1894 at 35 King St, Peterhead and his second wife Jessie Keith died 17/1/1897, also at Peterhead.

      William Thom's grandfather was yet another WILLIAM THOM. He was married to ISABELLA RITCHIE ON 17/6/1784 at Pitsligo.

      Hope this is of some help. Please let me know if you want more details of the THOM family.


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