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Re: Wade's book list

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  • Wade Buchan
    Hi Jim, Sorry for the delay in replying to this, have been trying to get some anwsers. ... Not sure, so can t really comment, Robert Neish would have us
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 29, 1998
      Hi Jim,

      Sorry for the delay in replying to this, have been trying to get some

      > From: "Jim & Margrit Whittome" <whittome@...>
      > Right now I have a copy of "Old Peterhead". Was the founding of many
      > places through out the area of similar circumstances?

      Not sure, so can't really comment, Robert Neish would have us believe

      > In your book list Arbuthnot's A Historical Account of Peterhead, since the Arbuthnot
      > name was very prominent is this book a family history? You also have Findlay's A
      > History of Peterhead, which of the three would a person get the best over
      > all view from?

      I only have "Old Peterhead", the other two were given as references,
      available from the Aberdeen University Library.

      > In Old Peterhead there is small maps but no relationship to
      > each other, is there overall maps available from various time periods?

      Yes. The Peterhead Parish 1801 Census has two maps (I can scan these
      and send them to you. Probably large file sizes).

      The Reform Act, Plan of 1832 also has a map. Both of these are
      available from Aberdeen & NE Scotland FHS.

      Also two others, Godfrey Town Maps, 75.15 Peterhead 1900, Scale 1:5000
      approx and Ordnance Survey Maps No.87, Scale 1:63000 (1" to 1 mile).

      > time. Is there any written information about this quarry, time of start, is
      > it still in operation, size, etc...? Your book Mining at Boddam does this
      > cover the quarry?

      This is actually a two page artical from the Leopard Magazine.
      Unfortunately I can't find it now, I will keep searching.
      > My gggm Jean Cameron ms Davidson' s younger brother George died an untimely
      > death 18 Sept. 1868. The Register of Corrected Entries show choking as cause
      > of death. Did Peterhead have a newspaper at that time where I might learn
      > more?

      I have the "Buchan Observer", the Peterhead Newspaper for 1866 to 1868
      on film, so will have a look this weekend.
      > Does this Mail List allow Rich Text or do I have to remember to use Plain
      > text?

      Not sure about this, it may come out as an attachment.

      regards, Wade.
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