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Re: BIRNIE Lairs

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  • roy_henderson_1955
    Thanks for the comprehensive reply Alex. I know Shirley s name but I haven t actually met her as yet. I know the Registrar at Maud very well and she gave me
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 13, 2007
      Thanks for the comprehensive reply Alex. I know Shirley's name but I
      haven't actually met her as yet. I know the Registrar at Maud very
      well and she gave me Shirley's name. I intend to go in past
      Arburthnot House one of these days but want to line up a series of
      search questions first.

      I have several names I'm interested in at the moment for lair details
      but my search is not narrow enough yet to impose on anyone else. I
      think what I might do is pay a visit to the ANESFHS and search their
      database to see if I pick up any hits.

      One thing I do need to get is a lair-map for both the Old Kirkyard
      and Constitution Street - I have partial maps at the moment. I have
      the advantage of living within 5 minutes of these cemeteries but
      searching the stones is a hit or miss affair.



      --- In Peterhead@yahoogroups.com, "ugiepark1" <alex-jean.ritchie@...>
      > For Roy Henderson :
      > Hi Roy,
      > I'm only aware of the Registrar in Arbuthnot House having
      > database, but they won't let you use it directly. You have to ask
      > them to do a search.
      > However, the person who inputted all the data into the database was
      > gentleman called John Milne. He also sent copies of everything to
      > Family History Centre in Aberdeen, and their intention was to
      > a CD which could be purchased. However, for some reason this CD has
      > never seen the light of day...although you could search yourself if
      > you go to their shop on King Street, Aberdeen (depending where you
      > live, of course !)
      > I collected a lot of Old Cemetery records some years ago now. Each
      > time I came to Peterhead, Shirley Dickie (then the Assistant
      > Registrar) would give me the books and I would plough through them
      > and note down anything of interest to me. I was mainly looking for
      > information on Peterhead Shipmasters rather than copying all the
      > records. I don't think they are inclined these days to allow this
      > (Shirley is now the Registrar, I believe).
      > I do have a fair bit of Lair records collected myself (hard copy)
      > it's pretty random and done mostly for my own research project.
      > However, I would be happy to look if you give me a Lair Number..you
      > might be lucky.
      > Alex Ritchie
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