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William Salmon & Jane McIntosh

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    Further to Ian Davidson s recent posting : From the Buchan Observer, Tuesday February 18th.1919 A Veteran Whaling Master By the death at Faichfield,
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      Further to Ian Davidson's recent posting :

      From the Buchan Observer, Tuesday February 18th.1919

      "A Veteran Whaling Master"

      By the death at Faichfield, Longside, on Saturday of Captain William
      Salmon, another gap has been made in the thin ranks of Peterhead's
      whaling masters. Born at Peterhead eighty-six years ago, Captain
      Salmon served his apprenticeship as a boatbuilder, but afterwards he
      decided to follow a seafaring career and in the sea's hardest school
      of apprenticeship – the Arctic. He sailed to Greenland in the coaster
      Hamilton Ross, and afterwards served in the Undaunted under Captain
      Walker. In 1860 he joined the whaler Brilliant, and sailed in her for
      a year as second mate. Thereafter he sailed from Aberdeen in the
      Sophia and wintered in the Straits for about a twelvemonth. On his
      return he became master of the Peterhead brig Alert, which he took to
      the Straits several times and wintered there. His next vessel was the
      bargue Melinka, which was principally engaged in the Greenland seal
      fishing. He next took charge of the Jan Main, in which he sailed out
      of Peterhead for five years. This vessel was afterwards sold to a
      Dundee firm, but Captain Salmon continued to sail with her from
      Dundee until he took command of the Star, a Dundee bargue which was
      wrecked at Cumberland Gulf. About thirty-three years ago, Captain
      Salmon retired from a seafaring life, and during the past few years
      resided at Faichfield, Longside. His calling did not permit him to
      take an active part in the public life of the town, but he was for a
      period a Feuar's Manager. He was a devoted member of Peterhead
      Methodist Church, which he attended regularly as long as his health
      and strength permitted. He was of a most kindly disposition, and was
      highly respected. His wife predeceased him about fifteen years ago.

      Alex Ritchie
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