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Re: [Peterhead] Re: McLeod/Angus of Peterhead

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  • Kenneth MacLeod
    Roy, I have attached a pic of my great great grandfather John Angus headstone. It also includes my great grandfather Kenneth McLeod and great grandmother
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 28, 2007

      I have attached a pic of my great great grandfather John Angus' headstone. It also includes my great grandfather Kenneth McLeod and great grandmother Mary Jane (Angus) McLeod. John Angus was born in Ellon. I have pretty extensive documentation on this branch of the Angu family in Peterhead and they are not related as far as I can see, going back to your WIlliam Angus. Is this headstone in the same cemetery? My uncle took the picture when he visited several years ago.



      roy_henderson_1955 <roy.henderson@...> wrote:
      Hi Ken,

      I believe that we may be related on the Angus side.

      I think that your Margaret Angus may be the sister of James Murrison
      Angus who was my great grandfather. James had a son called Murdoch
      McLeod Angus and I initially could see no reason for that. However,
      I eventually found that James' sister Margaret married a Murdoch
      McLeod and that would have explained it. Margaret also appears to
      have had an illegitimate child she called Edward McLeod Angus -
      perhaps before her marriage to Murdoch.

      There is an ANGUS gravestone in the Kirkyard which mentions what
      would have been Margaret's parents - William and Ann Angus. In that
      lair, but not on the stone, is a Margaret McLeod aged 5 years.
      Again, I could see no reason for that until I found the McLeod

      I don't immediately think that Mary Jane Angus was directly related
      to Margaret Angus. I noticed a headstone for another Angus family
      which may be a possible connection.



      --- In Peterhead@yahoogroups.com, "highlander0108"
      <highlander0108@...> wrote:
      > Looking for any information on my great grandfather, my namesake,
      > Kenneth McLeod and associated family. From information I have,
      > Kenneth married Mary Jane Angus and died about 1955. Mary Jane
      > in 1964, just before I was born. Last address for them was at 2
      > Port Henry Road. They had 2 children, William Angus (my
      > grandfather) and Jane, both of whom have passed away. Kenneth had
      > sister Margaret, and brothers Edward Angus, Murdoch, and William
      > Angus. Kenneth's parents were Murdoch McLeod and Margaret Angus.
      > Family stories say that the McLeod's came from Ullapool, but I
      > cannot find that connection. I also am wondering if my great
      > grandmother Mary Jane Angus was related to my great great
      > grandmother Margaret Angus. I have read a transcript from Agnes
      > (Angus) Buchan who says that there was only one Angus family in
      > Peterhead. She also mentioned that many Angus' left for
      > I do know that several came to the USA and worked in Barre, VT in
      > the granite quarries.
      > I am planning to visit Peterhead soon and am wondering if
      > any "cousins" are still around from my family. I am also related
      > the Bairds. Barbara Baird was my great great grandmother, who
      > married John Angus, father of Mary Jane Angus. By the way,
      > has been very helpful in researching this side of my family. I am
      > thinking of starting a website on the Angus' of Peterhead in a
      > similar fashion as Carolyn has done with her Baird relatives and
      > would like to contact any Angus relatives of Peterhead.
      > Thanks in advance.
      > Ken MacLeod (grandfather changed from Mc to Mac when he immigrated
      > to the USA in 1927)

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