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Re: Robertson, Gordon, Sinclair, Davidson, Ingram, Renny, Walker , Bruce, Pirie.

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  • carolynmch
    Hello Elizabeth Your post has added to my suspicions that Joseph Robertson, born about 1760 is my GGGGG grandfather. My connection to the Robertson family is
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      Hello Elizabeth
      Your post has added to my suspicions that Joseph Robertson, born
      about 1760 is my GGGGG grandfather.

      My connection to the Robertson family is through Samuel Laughton, a
      sailor born in Stromness, Orkney who married Mary Robertson in
      Peterhead on 14/12/1823.
      From census records, Mary Robertson's date of birth appears to be
      about 1801.

      Samuel and Mary appear to have had three children in Peterhead.
      Parish Records show:-
      7-10-1827 ( it is wrongly transcribed as 1815) Leighton. Samuel,
      sailor in Peterhead, a daughter Janet. Witnesses: - James and George

      6-12-1829 a son Samuel that you know about.

      10-6-1832 Liston. Samuel seaman in Peterhead, a daughter Isabella.
      Witnesses: - Robert Millar and William Robertson

      Samuel Leighton and Robert Robertson can also be found as witnesses
      at the Christening on 20-1-1828 of John, Son of William Robertson,
      blockmaker in Peterhead.

      (Laughton is actually pronounced "Lighten" leading to frequent
      misspellings of the name in addition to the name being misheard,
      possibly due to the different dialects.)

      Between 1832 and the 1841 English Census, the Laughtons moved to
      Tynemouth where Samuel continued to work as a mariner. Samuel and
      Mary had a further three children: - George, Mary and Elizabeth.
      Samuel and Mary's daughter Janet is missing from their household in
      the 1841 English Census and it seems possible that although her age
      is a bit out, she is the Janet Leighton in the household of Elizabeth
      Robertson, a Publican living at Shiprow, Peterhead in the 1841
      Scottish Census.

      Samuel Laughton Died June Quarter 1848 and Mary in Sept Quarter 1849,
      both in Tynemouth

      Also in the 1841 Tynemouth Census is Mary Robertson from Peterhead
      and her children: - Joseph, John, Sarah, James, Frederick and George,
      all born in Peterhead. There is no male head of household so it is
      unclear whether Mary was already a widow or if her husband was at
      sea. She was however a widow by 1851.
      This Robertson family were very closely linked to the Laughtons
      during their time in England and I suspect that Mary Robertson was
      the sister- in- law of Mary Laughton nee Robertson. From the 1851
      Census it appears that Mary Robertson took-in at least one of the
      Laughton children (Elizabeth born 1846) when they were orphaned in
      The most likely marriage to link to Mary Robertson is that of Joseph
      Robertson, a carpenter in Peterhead who married Mary Ogston on
      I hope this helps.
      --- In Peterhead@yahoogroups.com, "maymyo25" <lizfor@...> wrote:
      > Hello everyone,
      > I have been researching my husband's family and recently I think I
      > have at last found the `Joseph' who was his GGG Grandfather. Joseph
      > was the father of George Robertson. On George's wedding certificate
      > he names as his father Joseph Robertson, Shipwright. In the 1851
      > Census George has as his birthplace Peterhead and on his death
      > certificate he is shown as dying age 70 in 1878 which means he was
      > born approximately in 1808.
      > I haven't until now been able to find a death record for Joseph
      > although I did find one for Isabella Walker in 1863 in Peterhead
      > her father is shown as Joseph Robertson, Ships carpenter, (dead)
      > her mother as Jessie Stronach, (dead). Recently I was sent
      > information from the ANESFHS which shows a Joseph Robertson,
      > of Janet Stronach buried in St Peter's Peterhead in 1844 age 84,
      > also Janet(Jessie),in 1846 age 80. They are shown on the 1841
      > and Joseph is a block maker and spirit dealer.
      > I have found other references that may relate to Joseph and
      > a brother or son William in Pigot's Directory.
      > PETERHEAD - Pigot's Directory of 1825/26
      > Robertson Jos. Keith-Inch
      > Robertson Wm. Keith-Inch
      > I have also found a reference to a christening which links the
      > of Robertson and Walker:
      > 6-12-1829
      > Samuel Laughton, sailor in Peterhead, a son Samuel
      > Witnesses, Joseph Robertson, John Walker
      > George, Joseph's son, died in London and I have extensive records
      > from George onwards. Does anyone recognise any of the above? George
      > Robertson's son, John, married Elizabeth Sinclair Gordon, who was
      > born in Peterhead on 16 Oct 1850, daughter of William Gordon and
      > Ann Davidson. William Gordon was the son of Charles, who married
      > Elizabeth Sinclair. Charles was the son of William Gordon/Jean
      > Rosehearty.
      > The only reference I can find of a Joseph Robertson/Janet Stronach
      > marriage is on 15th September 1795 in Speymouth, Moray.
      > Names (Scotland) in the family are PIRIE, SINCLAIR, RENNY/RENNIE,
      > GORDON, INGRAM, DAVIDSON, BRUCE, and places are Pitsligo,
      > Fraserburgh and Peterhead.
      > In the 1901 census for East Ham, Essex, John Robertson, Joseph's
      > grandson has a visitor, Elizabeth Shewan, age 62 from Scotland.
      > (Peterhead?)
      > Does anyone recognise any of this? I would be grateful for any
      > information particularly about Joseph, Janet and their children.
      > Elizabeth Robertson.
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