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Re: Matthew Nicol & Charlotte Leask

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  • yetidavidson
    Your calculations are a lot better than mine Mary! Jane Salmon McIntosh (born in 1862) died in infancy in 1863 - listed on the Peterhead Genealogy site -
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 6, 2007
      Your calculations are a lot better than mine Mary!

      Jane Salmon McIntosh (born in 1862) died in infancy in 1863 - listed
      on the Peterhead Genealogy site - father William McIntosh, mother
      Coul - I haven't checked the original record but it's obviously the
      same person.

      The 1890s must have been tough for Peterhead fish curers - my g
      grandfather David Davidson, a cooper, moved to Torry in 1896,
      presumably to find work, after being laid off by another Peterhead
      fish curer Andrew McKenzie with a letter of recommendation to
      prospective employers.


      --- In Peterhead@yahoogroups.com, Mary Barnes <marysb@...> wrote:
      > Hi Ian,
      > I knew that Helen McIntosh had two sisters, Janet Phillips McIntosh
      > Jane Salmon McIntosh. The age given on her death certificate is 28.
      > my calculations, she was three weeks short of 29 when she died
      > (20/10/1864 - 6/10/1893).
      > Matthew Nicol (b 1861) also married twice. Helen was his first
      > and died 4 years after they married. His second wife was Janet
      > Chalmers, my grandmother. Among other things, I'm interested in
      > they lived. At the time of her marriage, Helen lived at Clifton
      > Cottage, 70 King Street, Peterhead, the home of her aunt Jane
      > who was married to William Salmon. The Salmon name was continued -
      > Matthew and Helen's son was named William Salmon Nicol. As you
      > out (March 2006), Helen lived most of her life with her aunt after
      > mother remarried.
      > Matthew (formerly a Fish Curer) had been discharged from bankruptcy
      > only a month earlier, so can't have had much money and it seems
      > the newly-weds moved in with Jane and William Salmon. Clifton
      > is a substantial detached house, on what would at that time have
      > the outskirts of Peterhead. The 1991 census shows two separate
      > households there: William and Jane Salmon - William is listed
      as "Ship
      > Master (unemployed)"; and Matthew and Helen Nicol - Matthew is
      again a
      > Fish Curer. In 1901, William and Jane Salmon are still at Clifton
      > Cottage (he is now described as "retired Ship Master"). But listed
      as a
      > separate household is Matthew's growing family: his second wife
      > his son William Salmon, and three younger children: Matthew, Andrew
      > Chalmers and Margaret Stelter plus a servant Isabella Stephen. My
      > father didn't appear on the scene until after the family had moved
      > Londonderry around 1905.
      > Mary Barnes
      > > Hi Mary,
      > >
      > > Janet McIntosh was born on 4 September 1859 Peterhead, the
      > > of William McIntosh and Helen Coull.
      > >
      > > Given what you said about Helen McIntosh's year of death as 1893
      > > stated as 28), then this is likely to be Janet's sister who was
      > > on 28th October 1864 (actual age would have been almost 27?)
      > >
      > > Helen Coull married twice - her second husband was Russell Watt -
      > > gg grandparents.
      > >
      > > There's more information in my message posted in March 2006
      under the
      > > subject "William Salmon".
      > >
      > > Ian
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