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  • colin whyte
    A little belated Alison but many thanks. I appreciate your efforts. with my best wishes, Colin Whyte Mawson Lakes, South Australia. 5095 ... From:
    Message 1 of 19 , Jan 2, 2007
      A little belated Alison but many thanks. I appreciate your efforts.

      with my best wishes,

      Colin Whyte
      Mawson Lakes, South Australia. 5095

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      Hi Jace & Colin,

      I'll try to answer some of the questions:
      1.. Mary Fyfe never married - census returns show Mary as unmarried, and
      death certificate lists her as single.
      2.. Henry Fuillet married Mary Black 15 November 1845, St Nicholas. He is
      shown on 1851 living in Aberdeen with wife Mary and daughter, also Mary.
      Henry died 1863, his death certificate lists Mary Black as his wife.
      3.. Illegitimate births were common. Figures for the third quarter of 1884
      for Peterhead show 129 births, of which 14 were illegitimate. So roughly 10%
      of births at this time would have been illegitimate.
      4.. The name Fuillet depended on who the informant / registrar was!
      Variants on the spelling includes Fulliet; Feuillet; Fullet (there may be
      5.. According to the 1851 census - Henry and Mary Black had a daughter
      Mary Francess Feuillet (I don't have birth details), but she was born c
      6.. I have various census returns on the family. The 1881 Peterhead census
      lists Alexander and wife Mary along with 4 of the children. The Margaret
      listed living with George & Catherine Cormack was the eldest of their
      7.. Children of Alexander Fuillet & Mary Thomson:
      1.. Margaret (Maggie) Thomson Fulliet b. 27 August 1866, Phd
      2.. Mary Thomson Fuillet, b. 25 September 1868, Phd
      3.. Alexander Thomson Fuillet, b. 4 April 1871, Phd - died 1873.
      4.. Jane Thomson Feuillet, b. 28 May 1873, Phd
      5.. Alexandrina Fuillet, b. 1875 Phd
      6.. Arthur William Fuillet, b. 1877 Phd
      7.. Alexander Fuillet, b.1880 Phd, died 1880.
      8.. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Graham Fuillet, b. 1881 Phd.
      8.. Children often had "ina" added to a name if the parents wanted to name
      a child after a male relative in the family. Elizabeth Graham Fuillet was
      named after Mary Fuillet's (ms Thomson) sister Elizabeth who married David
      Graham 1877 in Aberdeen.
      9.. Henry Feuillet died 13 October 1863 in Aberdeen. Parents were Joseph
      Feuillet, Coffee Planter (deceased) & Mary Feuillet ms Francess (deceased).
      10.. I have already given you marriage details of Alexander Fuillet & Mary
      Thomson, and I can give you the details, & census returns, of some of the
      other members (but due to other committments over the next few days, this
      probably won't be before the weekend).
      I trust the above information is helpful to both Jace and Colin. Again if
      you need / or are looking for any specific information then please ask. I
      can't guarantee that I've got the answers but I'll certainly see if I can


      From: jaystonward
      To: Peterhead@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2006 12:31 PM
      Subject: [Peterhead] Re: FUILLET

      Hi Allson,

      So, looking at your full note of the FUILLET family, in your paragraph on
      Henry F. and Mary
      FYFE, are you saying they never married because his first wife Mary BLACK
      was still alive?
      Would that possibilty mean that everyone knew that his relationship and
      family with Mary
      Fyfe was illegitimate? I suppose I'm asking how do you know he never
      married Ms FYFE?
      Or are you assuming that fact because we haven't found the marriage?
      As one who is used to the anonymity of big cities I had always assumed
      that small town
      dwellers, like the fishing community of Peterhead, could hide little.
      I wonder if his earlier marriage with Mary Black had any issue? I haven't
      found any
      FUILLETS mentioned except from the Peterhead branch of his family with May

      Thank you again for your patience and knowledge.


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