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Re: [Peterhead] Alexander Finnie

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  • Ray Hennessy
    ... if there can be two different Alexander Finnie s born around the same time, marrying two different people i.e. Margaret Craib & Sarah McCastles. ... Mid
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 2, 2006
      Mauree [sic!] wrote:

      > Thanks for your information about Alexander Finnie. I am wondering
      if there can be two different Alexander Finnie's born around the same
      time, marrying two different people i.e. Margaret Craib & Sarah

      > As my Alexander was born, I believe, 2 Oct 1794,in Rathen, died in 44
      Mid Street, Fraserburgh on 6 October 1883, he married Sarah
      McCastles, bc 1801, died 23 March 1877. Although saying that I have
      a notice about his death and the ages don't add up - said he died at
      the age of 96. It ties in with being born in 1786 !!!

      > I have a Grand Aunt Sarah Cardno b 6 October 1883, with the middle
      name of McKaskill, possibly a spelling error of the above McCastles.

      > I have the parents of Alexander Finnie as being William Finnie &
      Elizabeth Third.

      > Can anyone shed light on this confusing Finnie, Craib, McCastle

      Hi Maureen

      Are you aware of Alexander FINNIE's entry in the 1881 Census?
      He was living at 44 Mid St, Fraserburgh as father-in-law of John
      CARDNO - your g-aunt's name, so this must be the right man.

      In the Census his occupation is "Sawyer" & he is aged 93, widower,
      born Rathen. This would make him 96 in 1883 & born c. 1787/8.

      The Alexander FINNIE born in Rathen 2 Oct 1794 was the son of
      Willm FINNIE & Elisth THIRD. Presumably you have Alexander's
      death certificate from Scotland's People, in which case are these
      the recorded parents? If they are, then 6 or 7 years must have
      been added to his age at some stage.

      Such a variation was not uncommon although usually men reduced
      their age to ensure they continued in employment [Dare I say that
      women may have had another agenda?]. It may be that Alex didn't
      know exactly how old he was. Alternatively perhaps John CARDNO
      didn't know Alex's age - and maybe just guessed for a Census entry.

      The first check must be AF's death certificate.

      Incidentally, on another point, I notice that you say
      "name of McKaskill, possibly a spelling error of the above McCastles".

      The alternative spelling should not be viewed as an error! The spelling
      of names was quite variable prior to Victorian times and this continued
      well into the 20th century. It was usually left to the recording clerk to
      spell names as he [always "he" in those days] felt fit. With the strong
      accents in the north east - and with Buchan often being the first language
      for local folk, variations in spellings are legion.

      Note, for instance, that the mother of Alexander FINNIE [born 1794] was
      named Elisth. It is most likely this was Elisabeth which others might
      spell "Elizabeth". It is also possible that the baptismal name was
      Elspeth/Elspet. If this is your line and it looks certain, then you should
      be aware that the mother's name could be spelt a number of different ways.

      On my Forenames website I'm trying [desperately] to encompass all these
      variations. See http://tinyurl.com/evexz for Elisabeth and links to many
      other names. You might find any of these in the relevant records.


      Best wishes

      Ray Hennessy

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