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Re: [Peterhead] Re: Rosebud etc.

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  • Steve Broekmann
    Hi Colin, It may be entirely coincidental but there are a number of MURISONs in Cape Town. I have the records for St Peter s Cemetery Cape Town and they show
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      Hi Colin,

      It may be entirely coincidental but there are a number of MURISONs in Cape Town. I have the records for St Peter's Cemetery Cape Town and they show the following

      Alexander MURISON, Captain dd 27 Jan 1893 aged 81 years
      Jane MURISON b CRUIKSHANK dd 13 Jan 1873 aged 61, wife of the above

      Alexander MURISON dd 23 July 1892 Born Peterhead, Scotland, in his 49th year
      Eleanor Charlotte MURISON b COLYER, his wife, dd 7 June 1916

      There are also other MURISONS - James and Robin.

      I may be wrong, but my recollection is that one or more of the Alexanders acted as ship's agent for my ggrandfather William STEPHEN, also from Peterhead.

      Any connection, do you think?

      Cape Town

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      From: colin collie
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      Sent: Saturday, May 27, 2006 1:38 PM
      Subject: RE: [Peterhead] Re: Rosebud etc.

      Dear Pat & Peter,
      Find attached Rosebud 1869 202 Tons constructed by Carnagie & Matthew
      Rosebud 2 1876 352 Tons " "
      " "
      Captain on both ships was Captain John Collie of Peterhead he was also part
      owner of Rosebud 2 that sunk off the coast of South Africaall the best

      >From: Pat & Peter Campbell <thepatch@...>
      >Reply-To: Peterhead@yahoogroups.com
      >To: Peterhead@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [Peterhead] Re: Rosebud etc.
      >Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 08:40:12 +1300
      >Hi Alex & Kevin,
      >Thank you both for the information on the above.
      >Captain William Murrison No. 89825, was granted C.O.C."Only Mate" on ship
      >"Rosebud" Reg. No. 58883 1/3/1869, and he was living in Peterhead. He got
      >married in 1872 in Aberdeen, and was still mate aboard "Rosebud" until
      >23/6/1873. From Lloyds Captains Register he became "Master" of the
      >"Rosebud" Reg. No. 58883, 29/9/1873 - 18/11/1873.
      >His wife and son arrived in Melbourne, Australia in 1875 on the "St.
      >and not sure how William arrived there.
      >He either sailed out on the "Rosebud" No. 58883, as this ship was in
      >Australian waters at this time, or sailed as Captain of "Lottery" Reg. No.
      >15824, Brigantine, 150 tons, Reg. London, which was lost without trace
      >between Mauritius and Melbourne in Feb 1878. This is the last listed ship
      >from Lloyds Captains Register for William.
      >The owners of the "Rosebud" No. 58883 Schooner, 190 tons, in Melbourne,
      >Australia were Pigott & Tulloch.
      >From the http://mariners.records.nsw.gov.au I see there is a John Collie
      >Captain of "Rosebud" 341 tons from the Port of Colombo via Melbourne to
      >Sydney N.S.W. 24th Apr. 1878.
      >Alex, I would be interested in any information you may have of the ships
      >which William sailed on as follows:-
      >ALERT reg Peterhead No. 19545 "Student" 1859 - 1860
      >POLAR STAR " No. 19568 " 1860
      >AGOSTINA " No. 19538 "O/D & A/B" 1861 & 1863
      >WINWARD " No. 27527 "O/D & A/B" 1862 & 1864
      >RESTLESS " No. 45129 " C & A/B" 1867
      >FLOWER O'BUCHAN " No. 55346 "A/B & C & A/B 1868 - 1869
      >These were all registered in Peterhead.
      >He also sailed on these ships presumably out of Peterhead but they aren't
      >Peterhead registered.
      >JOHNS reg. Shields No. 33083 "A/B" 1863
      >MORNING STAR reg London No. 37505 "A/B" 1865
      >ISABELLA HAY reg. Sunderland No. 11751 "A/B" 1865
      >ISABELLA ROBINSON reg. Sunderland No. 19392 "A/B" 1865
      >GOLDEN GROVE reg. Shields No. 94176 "A/B" 1865
      >SOHO reg. Banff No. 10429 "A/B" 1866
      >ORISSA reg. Sunderland No. 13343 1866 -1867
      >Regarding the William Murrison who drowned Hamburg on "Dart" , we thought
      >this was our man but he was wrong age, this William was 51 years when
      >drowned, our William was much younger.
      >It is possible that the James, Alexander and William were all Uncles of our
      >William, but as yet can't find a connection. William's father was George
      >Murrison and he wasn't a seaman.
      >Hopefully I can get a copy of the first "Rosebud" photo in the Peterhead
      >Thanks in advance,
      >Peter Campbell,
      >New Zealand

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