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Re: [Peterhead] Re: James Milne /19th C. working class/ Industry vs.REPLY..

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    Good Morning, Fiona: Your John McWilliam was an uncle of my ggrandmother, Elspet Milne Thomson. You are in luck. Wade Buchan of Melbourne, Australia, our
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 2006
      Good Morning, Fiona: Your John McWilliam was an uncle of my ggrandmother,
      Elspet Milne Thomson. You are in luck. Wade Buchan of Melbourne, Australia,
      our webmaster, is a descendant of John's brother, and he is also the webmaster
      and controller of the webside: Peterhead Genealogy. He mentions himself
      there as a researcher on the McWilliams. I have much of his research on the
      McWilliam family that he scanned over to me. Just use Google, and put in the
      words: "Peterhead Genealogy" and you will have his other site.

      Wade notes that "John McWilliam" was Child no. 4 of William McWilliam and
      Jean Rainie. He further remarks that John: " may have married Isabel Robb;
      Peterhead OP
      R 17/8/1813 John McWilliam Sailor and Isabel Robb both in Peterhead."

      Wade goes on to say: "Isabel Robb died 3/10/1854 Longate Street, Peterhead,
      age 68, and is buried in David McWilliam's Lair A370" Then Wade goes on to
      say: "Isabel's husband (John McWilliam) died before the 1851 census, no death
      details have been found in the Peterhead OPR"

      You are correct that John's sister, was Margaret, the second child of of Wm
      and Jean Rainie McWilliam. She is my gggrandmother. The first child was Jane
      or Jean, (married name, Willox, and lived in Kinmundy, Longside parish) born
      in Aberdeen while William was still in the North Gordon Fencibles on his five
      year hitch. As mentioned William and Jean were married on September 2, 1782
      in Aberdeen. I have the OPR marriage record copy, but is pretty dim.

      It is timely that you bring up John now. I have been researching his
      brother, Thomas McWilliam, who emigrated to New Zealand in 1852. He located both in
      and near Wangunai on the North Island. He lived in that town but had a farm
      also near. It is about 90 miles north of Wellington on the west coast. One
      son, became a vicar, and so did such vicar' son. That son of Thomas is buried
      in Auckland. Another son, Peter, apparently was very successful in a number
      of businesses. I have an old e-mail address of one of their descedents
      living in Otaki, about 40 miles northwest of Wellington. I have not tried it yet,
      but I did get much information off of a genealogical site apparently operated
      by Church/University located at Wellington and probably all furnished by the
      Otaki descendent.

      I have, with my wife, been spending my winters in Virginia Beach, VA. My
      oldest daughter was widowed here 10 years ago...and we come here particularly to
      watch her son, 12 years old in a few days, grow up.

      Most of my information and records on the McWilliam family are back in Iowa..
      I have collected over 11 bankers boxes of materials on all of the Scots
      families and relevant Scottish social history. There is also quite some social
      dynamics in the neighborhood where my ggrandmother and husband settled involving
      the written genealogies of the families of two different neighbors with which
      their children intermarried. Perhaps you can check some of my writings on
      this website in the last week or two, to get some feeling for that
      situation...that has led to my extensive investigation of Scottish social history.

      I have the McWilliam family history from William's origins in Mortlach
      parish, through his marriage and the first generation of his children, and some
      information on Jean Rainie' siblings and father.

      If you will send me your address...and you do not have to put it on this web,
      but just send it to me at: P.O. Box 1023, Virginia Beach, VA. 23451, I will
      send you some of the information that you desire...might even send you copies
      of the colored plates of a group of Northern Gordon Fencibles in all of their
      Scottish Highland finery...Wm McWilliams outfit.

      Best Regards, Jim Thomson

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