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Re: [Peterhead] Rosehearty Parish?Non-reply but inquiry.

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  • jsethomson@aol.com
    Good evening, Hester: I see you got your inquiry annswered on Rosehearty. I have used the Mormons farmilysearch to see what they say on the offspring of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2006
      Good evening, Hester: I see you got your inquiry annswered on Rosehearty.

      I have used the Mormons farmilysearch to see what they say on the offspring
      of James Milne and Elizabeth Walker. Their site refers to various Mormon
      filmed records on the births of the couples children. Some children were not
      mentioned in our prior e-mail exchanges, however.

      The most interesting new information to me, however, was it seems that there
      have been one or more Mormons that have been very interested in the couple and
      their children. I have had some experience before in running into such
      situation...it was when I was checking on the so-called research of the former
      Toronto main line minister and officer in its Toronto Headquarters. He was
      claiming that he found the Mormon record and OPR of my great grandfather. I
      checked myself plus with the help of a Salt Lake, City researcher. First we found
      that the Mormon IGI record and date were non existent for Index date of 1822.
      Actually this man was born one year later, and the entry was made in 1824 for
      Novembe of 1823. A good genealogist does not rely just on the Mormon Index,
      as they do make errors.

      However the above is just background...what we found was various Mormon
      entries for a George Thomson ( a very common name in Scotland) giving various
      dates, but mainly 1823. I tracked down those Mormons, and there were I believe
      three different Mormons that had made entries...but, of course, no filming
      numbers. I contacted one of them that appeared the best source and got his
      Mormon file or Temple record. In that case, to me it was conclusive that your
      Toronto minister genealogist was way off base, and even if the birth date should
      have been 1823 instead of the date of 1822, used by my great grandfather, the
      information provided by the Mormons rebutted the ministers claim.

      I did not know if you were working with Mormon relatives on John and
      Elizabeth, or not.. I would guess from what I find that there are several, all
      trying to make sure they have the record placed so John and Elizabeth can be
      baptized per their procedure.

      I find that the Mormons claim the Senior James was born either in 1821 or
      1822 in Peterhead. I do not think there is any argument that he married
      Elizabeth in Crimond. Child No l. is Margaret, born November 19, 1845, in Crimond.
      Two Mormon filmings and 2 different Mormons each recorded by a n;umber,
      however each of them has her born in Peterhead; Child No. 2 Mary( Presume this is
      "Mary-Anne") b. Oct 11, 1847 in Peterhead..two Mormon filmings and two Mormons
      filing separately under different numbers; Child No. 3. James b. July 20,
      1849 in Peterhead...two Mormon filmings plus two different Mormons filing
      separately; Child No.4 Elizabeth b. Feb 2, 1852 in Peterhead....several Mormon
      filmings and one Mormons filing; Child No. 5 Jean b. Feb.. 24, 1854...Two
      Mormon filmings and two Mormons each filing under separate number.; Child No. 6
      Alexander b. Feb.7, 1856 in Peterhead.... one Mormon abbreviated filing;
      Child. No. 7 James II b. Sept. 27, 1859 in Peterhead...an abbreviated filming.

      I tried to get on Scotlandspeople, but for some reason I did not readily get
      connected. I have found, and they also say, that the death record is
      supposed to have the parents names and place of birth. Of course it all depends
      on the "informant" but it is a chance to put this question at rest, perhaps.

      The point of this e-mail is whether your knew how interested some Mormons
      were, and whether you knew who they were, and whether if you did not , if you
      would like to know who they were....Could they have any more helpful information
      on our present issues.

      From what I have seen, there are so many indications, by the names used, the
      witnesses at the baptisms, the date and the birth year of James Sr. etc. that
      I will always wonder, if the likelyhood that James in our James, if not
      reasonably determined.

      Our James Sr, had three baptized brothers: John b. Oct. 1814; Robert. b.
      1816; and George b. September, 1822; The sister, Elizabeth Milne Chivas bas
      born in 1823, and of course my great grandmother, Elspet, was born at
      Netherhill, St. Fergus Parish June 10th of 1828.

      I also suggest you get out of the library the book: NORTHEAST LOWLANDS OF
      SCOTLAND< by John R. Allan. His first edition was
      first put out in the 1950's but I purchased a revised edition put out in
      1970's While a newspaperman, he has been so well regarded that Phd. Scottish
      Scholars often refer to or quote him. Now deceased for some time, his son
      CHARLIE ALLAN, is a well- know personality in the Aberdeen Doric culture and area
      besides being a world class athlete. John was also raised in the area where
      some of your people were from.

      Regards, Jim Thomson

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