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Re: James Milne -- Census vs. OPR

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  • Hester NicEilidh
    ... James Milne.
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 11, 2006
      > Jim asked:
      > >>>Perhaps Hester just does not know who the parents were of her
      James Milne.<<<

      Hi, Jim:

      Well, I still don't know who his parents were, but I've found a bit
      more data. I managed to find him, wife & kids on the 1861 census at
      Scotland's People. He gives his age as 40 (b. ~1821) and his parish
      of birth as St. Fergus, Banffshire. Unfortunately, the OPR for St.
      Fergus shows no birth/baptism record for anyone of that name btw

      Indeed, I've come across several census entries for various
      ancestors showing their parish of birth (dif. from current
      residence), then had no luck finding a birth record in the relevant

      I'm beginning to feel that my ancestors were nomads (never seemed to
      stay in one place for more than one generation) and heathens (not
      bothering to baptize their kids).

      Cheers, Hester
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