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Re: [Peterhead] SHIVAS, CHIVAS, SCHEVES, etc

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  • Cci
    Hi Jim, This might of interest to you. Catherine Jacobite Cess Roll 1715 Andrew Strachan of Annoche, nephew and heir of Patrick Strachan who was son of
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      Hi Jim,
      This might of interest to you.

      Jacobite Cess Roll 1715
      Andrew Strachan of Annoche, nephew and heir of Patrick Strachan who was son of Alexander 7th Laird of Glenkindie.
      Why it should be liferented by Shivas (Andrew Gray) is not known.

      Protocol Book of Sir John Christisone 1518-1551
      The same day Sir Robert Schevez rector of Quisne personally compearing declared that although Sir William Forbes curate of the same, is obliged to Thomas Donaldsone of Dalmoir, or any other in his name, to pay yearly to said the sum of 130 merks yearly for three years to come, yet the rector promised to hold the curate scatheless at the hands of Thomas Donaldsone, or others having interest for the said space of three years. Done in the house of William Russell in the parish of Monymusk.
      28 Nov 1531
      witnesses, Sir John Reid curate and William Russell

      burial record Aberdeen
      24 Aug 1624 Mar, Jenette, relic of vmgll.
      Archibald Scheves, bureit gratis

      Chivas or Shivas, Alexander, farmer Mains of Boddam and Elizabeth Milne his wife
      a dau Margaret born 25 Sept 1852 bap 11 Oct 1852
      before John Milne and Charles Hutchison

      Alexander Shivas, merchant in Peterhead a dau Katherine Kilgour
      born and bap 7 Oct 1832
      before Roderick Gray and James Keith

      burial Aberdeen
      24 Nov 1608 Scheves, Archibald
      15 June 1619 relic Jonet, spouce of Gilbert Scheves

      22 July 1788 William Shives, merchant in Peterhead had a son Robert

      James Murrison, seaman in Peterhead and Margaret Watson his wife,
      a dau Catherine Kilgour Shivas
      born 26 July 1852 bap 2 Aug 1852
      beofre James Matheson and John Wiseman

      burial Aberdeen
      10 Dec 1604 Gray, Katherine dau to the Lord Scheves
      relic vmgll, John Leslie of Ackenway

      baptism Aberdeen
      Savies, Jonet, relic of Mathew Hoge 02 April 1621

      burial Aberdeen
      28 Dec 1606, Gray Jennette dau to the Lord Scheves

      baptism Aberdeen
      Alexander Shivas, younger, late of Nether Tocher 22 Oct 1744

      Alexander Forsyth, mason in Peterhead a dau Mary Ann Shivas
      born 16 July 1837
      before George Clockie and William Gibson

      17 Jan 1829 James Stephen, fisherman in Boddam
      a son Alexander Shivas
      witnesses Alexander Taylor and Alexander Donald

      15 Sept 1832 Chivas or Shivas, Robert, farmer in Stirlinghill
      a dau Marjory
      wit Alexander Shivas and Andrew Taylor

      burial Aberdeen
      24 Oct 1614, Watson, Shivas, one bairne of, in kisk

      Protocol Book of Sir John Christisone
      Instrument narrating that Thomas Donaldsone residing in Dalmuir in the parish of Kyndrocht, appointed William Forbes of Corsindave his procurator and factor, to compear before Sir Robert Shivas rector of Quisne (Cushnie) to ratify of the rectory and vicarage of Quisne and (generally) to do as Thomas would had he been present.
      Done at the front gate of the monastary of Monimusk 28 Nov 1531
      witnesses, Sir John Reid curate of Monimusk
      Arthur Forbes in Absmato
      David Sibbait and David Andersone

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      Subject: Re: [Peterhead] Introducing myself & my Peterhead forebears.REPLY

      Hello Hester and Catherine: I am particularly interested in the information
      that Catherine added by her e-mail reply. Within Catherine's whole message
      she refers to not only a James Milne, but one John Milne as a witness to all of
      that James Milne's children's baptisms. Of some further interest is that the
      witnesses for the 1847 baptism were in addition to James Milne, one Alexander

      My great great grandparents were a John Milne and a Margaret McWilliam Milne.
      They had a son, James Milne, in addition to three other sons (baptized) and
      two daughters. The daughters were: Elspet Milne Thomson and Elizabeth Milne
      Cheves, Chivas or Shivas. All of the names sounding like Shivas were family
      names that originally hailed from an area around Schievas Castle a few miles
      up the Ythan River northwest of Ellon Aberdeenshire....the Chivas Regal family
      brothers were from this area. Elizabeth McWilliam Milne at the time of all of
      those baptisms was married to an Alexander Cheves, Chivas or Shivas. They
      lived in Boddam in Peterhead parish for most of their lives, except for a short
      farm lease occupancy in New Machar parish. I know John Milne was a witness
      for the baptism of some of Alexander's 10 children, and very possibly Alexander
      was a witness for his brother in Law' s children on at least one ocasion

      While the James Milne that I am interested in, did not appear in the IGI
      records, he did appear in the St. Peter Church cemetery records as purchasing a
      cemetery lot for his parents there, one John Milne and James mother, Elizabeth
      McWilliam Milne. The parents are buried there, and I visited the plot in Oct.

      The problem with any one named "Milne" in the Peterhead area is that the
      name is one of the most frequently appearing ones there, over the years. See for
      example Wade Buchan"s Peterhead Genealogy for the death records of the great
      number of persons named "Milne" over a really short period.

      My great grandmother was Elspet Milne Thomson. I have her McWilliam side
      traced back to the early 1700's in Mortlach Parish. Her grandfather, Wm
      McWilliam, was enlisted in the Duke of Gordon's North Gordon Fencibles in 1778 and
      after serving there five years located in Longside Parish prior to marrying a
      Jane Rainie in 1782. Janes father was a shoemaker on James Street in Peterhead,
      not far from the well for over 40 years. He met her while serving in the
      Fencibles there, for one of several six month assignments during our
      Revolutionary War, to protect against attacks from the likes of our John Paul Jones, our
      first Navy captain.

      Perhaps Hester just does not know who the parents were of her James Milne.
      If she does, and it is a John and Margaret McWilliam Milne, I would be very
      happy to know. I suspect that James could reasonably fit into the age range of
      the brothers and two sisters to which I have referred.

      Best Regards to all. Jim Thomson at Virginia Beach,

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    • cindy
      Hello, I wonder whether your Alexander SHIVAS was a son of George SHIVAS and Isobella WEBSTER. I have George SHIVAS and Isobella WEBSTER (born 1779 Old
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 11, 2006
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        I wonder whether your Alexander SHIVAS was a son of George SHIVAS and Isobella WEBSTER.
        I have George SHIVAS and Isobella WEBSTER (born 1779 Old Meldrum), whose son, George SHIVAS (born 1783, died 1869 in Ellon), married Gordon HALL (was that name used for women?).
        George and Gordon had a son, Alexander SHIVAS (born 1830), who married Christian (Christina) BLACK.
        Alexander and Christian had a daughter, Catherine SHIVAS (born 1860) who married James WARRENDER of Peterhead. Their children were Elizabeth (Bessie) McIlvride WARRENDER, Alexander Shivas WARRENDER, and James WARRENDER. They moved to Canada in 1920's.

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