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    Hi group, how are you all. Some spare certificate info. The Forrest/Birnie marriage and 1901 census entry Birnie are related to me. James Davidson s death and
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      Hi group, how are you all.
      Some spare certificate info.
      The Forrest/Birnie marriage and 1901 census entry Birnie are related to me.
      James Davidson's death and others are not related to me.
      Good luck,

      1896 Peterhead
      No. 41 B
      1896 tenth of June at Farmer's Lane, Peterhead
      after Banns according to the Forms of the Scottish Episcopal Church
      (signed) Robert Herd
      House Painter journeyman, Batchelor
      age 19
      address 41 St Mary's Street, Peterhead
      father; Robert Herd, Painter (Master)
      mother; Letitia Walker Herd, MS Savage
      signed Catherine A.C. Anderson
      age 16
      address 1 Farmer's Lane, Peterhead
      father; John Anderson, Merchant Seaman
      mother; Isabella Cormack Anderson, MS Moir
      signed G. Barron Walker, Rector of St Peter's, Peterhead
      signed Isabella Smith, witness
      signed James Anderson, witness
      registered; 1896 June 15th at Peterhead

      No 42 B
      1896 seventeenth of June at Laings Hotel, Peterhead
      After Banns according to the Free Church of Scotland
      (signed) Frank J. Birnie, Flesher (Batchelor)
      age 23
      address 50 King Street, Peterhead
      father; John Birnie, Flesher (deceased)
      mother; Margaret Birnie, MS Brebner
      (signed) Margaret R. Forrest (spinster)
      age 23
      address 2 Castle Street, Peterhead
      father; John Forrest, Sailmaker (deceased)
      mother; Mary Simpson Forrest, MS Ross
      signed James Halliday, Minister of the Free Church of Scotland Peterhead
      signed John Forrest, witness
      signed Jessie H. Forrest, witness
      registered 1896 June 18th at Peterhead

      1901 census extract
      Sorry the ages were not readable
      51 Broad Street
      David Alexander, head, mar, ?, Tobacconist, employer, Peterhead
      Isabella do, wife, mar, ?, Tobacconists wife, Cruden
      Cormack A. do, son, Tobacconist, Peterhead
      Isabella do, dau, Peterhead
      John ? Will, boarder, Coomer?, Peterhead
      Elizabeth F. ?????, lodger, Typist, Woodside

      Frank J. Birnie, head, mar, Butcher, Peterhead
      Margaret do, wife, mar, Peterhead
      John do, son, Peterhead
      Mary Ann Walker, servant, Burnhaven

      John Stephen, head, mar, Fisherman, employer, Boddam
      Jemima do, wife, mar, Peterhead
      John A. do, son, Peterhead
      Alice ? do, dau, Peterhead
      Herbert do, son, Peterhead
      Alfred ? do, son, Peterhead
      William do, son, Peterhead
      Jane Angus, servant, Peterhead

      Annabella Steven, Head, w, Peterhead
      Annabella do, dau, ? teacher, own accord, Peterhead
      Elizabeth C. do, dau, Peterhead
      Mary H. Cranna?, boarder, ? pupil teacher, Crimond
      A??? Logan, boarder, Clerk in ?? Office, Cruden

      59 Broad Street
      James Cruickshank, head, mar, 57, Gardiner Fruitior, own accord, Elgin
      Ann do, wife, mar, Strichen

      3, 1871 deaths
      No 34
      Margaret Stewart
      married to Robert Stewart, Clerk
      when and where died; 1871 Feb 25th 11 Prince Street, Peterhead
      sex; F
      age; 44 years
      father; Alexander Middleton, Seaman, deceased
      mother; Margaret Middleton, MS Mitchell, dead
      cause of death; Consumption
      informant; Jane Stewart, daughter, present
      registered; 1871 Feb 28th at Peterhead

      No 35
      James Davidson, Labourer
      married to Mary Clark
      when and where died;
      1871 Feb 28th about 9hr P.M. 2 King Street
      sex; M
      age; 62 years
      father; James Davidson, Crofter, dead
      mother; Isabella Davidson, MS Milne, dead
      cause of death; none given
      informant; James Stewart, nephew of wife, not present
      3 Constitution Street
      registered; 1871 March 6th at Peterhead

      No 36
      Ann Birnie
      widow of William Birnie, Seaman
      when and where died;
      1871 March 9th, 1hr A.M. 7 Marischall Street
      sex; F
      age; 72 years
      father; David Maitland, Flax dresser, dead
      mother; Ann Maitland, MS Boddie, dead
      cause of death; L??ygitis a few days
      informant; Christian Lawrance, present, 18/1 Marischall Street
      registered; 1871 March 11th at Peterhead

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