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1851 census strays

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  • Cci
    Hi people, how are you all today. Some 1851 census strays, might interest some of you. Good luck, Catherine Aberdour, Aberdeen Pennan Jean Addison, 14, neice,
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      Hi people, how are you all today.
      Some 1851 census strays, might interest some of you.
      Good luck,

      Aberdour, Aberdeen
      Jean Addison, 14, neice, Peterhead
      John Addison, head, mar, 40, Shoemaker, Boyndie Banff
      Mary Addison, wife, mar, 38, Aberdour Aberdeen
      James Addison, son, 0.08, Aberdour Aberdeen
      James Addison, brother, widower, 43, Cooper, Boyndie Banff

      Bonhill Dunbarton
      Mill Lane
      George Anderson, head, mar, Cooper, Old Deer
      Janet Anderson, wife, mar, 38, Peterhead
      Joseph Anderson, son, 11, Peterhead
      Jane Anderson, dau, 10, Montrose Angus
      Janet Anderson, dau, 8, Montrose Angus
      James Anderson, son, 6, Montrose Angus
      Alexander Anderson, son, 1, Montrose Angus

      Bauds of Cullen, Banff
      John Auckland, head, mar, 36, Labourer, Peterhead
      Isabella Auckland, wife, mar, 33, Rathven Banff
      Catherine Thoms Auckland, dau, 4, Rathven banff
      James Cumming Auckland, son, 2, Rathven Banff
      Jessie Simpson Auckland, dau, 0.16, Rathven Banff

      Rayne Aberdeen
      Alexander Beaton, head, mar, 54
      Eliza Beaton, wife, mar, 44, Peterhead
      Thomas Beaton, son, 8, Rayne
      Isabella Sutherland, grand dau, 4, Rayne

      Aberdour Aberdeen,
      William Bruce, head, mar, 60, Coast guard, Peterhead
      Jean Bruce, wife, mar, 37, King Edward Aberdeen
      Margaret Bruce, dau, 12, Wigtown Port Logan
      Charlotte Elizabeth Bruce, dau, 8, Wigtown Isle of White
      William Bruce, son, 1, Aberdour Aberdeen

      St Fergus Banff
      Mains of Inverquingi
      William Chisholm, unmar, 15, servant, Agricltural labourer, Peterhead

      Belhelvie Aberdeen
      Mosside of Whitecair
      George Courage, head, mar, 47, Pauper formerly agricultural labourer, Aberdeen
      Barbara Courage, mar, 43, Peterhead
      George Courage, son, 8, Belhelvie

      St Fergus Banff
      North Kirktown
      Robert Davidson, mar, 26, Agricultural labourer, Peterhead
      Gilbert Hastie, unmar, 32, " " , Peterhead

      Aberdeen West, Aberdeen
      Upper Kirkgate
      Andrew Gall, head, mar, 52
      Jean Gall, wife, mar, 44, Peterhead
      James Gall, son, unmar, 22, House carpenter, Old Deer
      George gall, son, unmar, 20, Advocates clerk, Old Deer
      Andrew Gall, son, 13, Druggists app, Old Deer
      Ann W. Gall, dau, 8, Old Deer

      Aberdeen West, Aberdeen
      St Paul Street
      Peter Hutchieson, head, mar, 46, Blacksmith, Peterhead
      James Hutchieson, son, 15, Blacksmith, Aberdeen
      Peter Hutchieson, son, unmar, 18, Blacksmith, Aberdeen
      Jean Wilson, widow, 50, House servant, Keith Banff

      St James Square, Edinburgh
      James Leslie, head, mar, 36, Commison agent, Peterhead
      Charlotte Leslie, sister, unmar, Peterhead
      John J. Leslie, son, 5, Leith Edinburgh

      Old Luce, Wigtown
      North Street
      John McGill, head, mar, 75, Hand Loom Weaver, Stoneykirk Wigtown
      Elizabeth McGill, wife, mar, 71, Peterhead
      Mary McGill, dau, unmar, 48, Seamstress, Dundee Angus

      Aberdeen West Aberdeen
      Upper Kirkgate
      Margaret McKenzie, head, widow, 42, Shoe binder, Peterhead
      Magdaline McKenzie, dau, 5, Aberdeen
      Elizabeth McKenzie, dau, 15, Wool drawer, Aberdeen
      Jessie Foster, lodger, unmar, 24, Silk dresser, Aberdeen

      St Fergus Banff
      Jane Mitchell, unmar, 16, House servant, Peterhead

      St Fergus Banff
      Margaret Mitchell, 14, House servant, Peterhead

      Aberdeen West Aberdeen
      William Slmond, head, mar, 42
      Margaret Salmond, wife, mar, Peterhead
      Stuart D.L. Salmond, son, 12, Aberdeen
      Elizabeth Salmond, dau, 10, Aberdeen
      Allan Salmond, son, 7, Aberdeen
      Margaret Salmond, dau, 5, Aberdeen
      Williamina Salmond, dau, 1, Aberdeen
      David M.S. Salmond, son, 0,33, Aberdeen

      St fergus Banff
      Elizabeth Spence, unmar, 25, House servant, Peterhead

      St Fergus Banff
      Rosanah Stephen, head, widow, 50, Annuitant, Peterhead

      St Fergus Banff
      John Thom, head, mar, 37, Agricultural labourer, Crimond
      Isabella Thom, wife, mar, 31, Peterhead
      Eliza A. Thom, dau, 2, St Fergus Banff

      Aberdeen West Aberdeen
      St Paul Street
      Margaret Thom, head, widow, 67, Seamans widow, Glass Aberdeen
      Jean Thom, dau, unmar, 27, Wool spinner, Peterhead
      Robertson Thom, dau, 24, unmar, Lint weaver, Peterhead
      James Thom, son, unmar, 22, General labourer, Peterhead

      Aberdeen West Aberdeen
      Agnes Thomson, head, unmar, 28, Lodinghouse keeper, Peterhead
      David Thomson, brother, unmar, 27, General labourer, Peterhead
      James Thomson, brother, unmar, 24, Apprentice flesher, Peterhead
      ????? Thomson, son, 0.05, Aberdeen

      St Fergus Banff
      James Troup, head, mar, 31, Head of farm
      Jane troup, wife, mar, 24, farmers wife, Fyvie Aberdeen
      George Troup, son, 14, Farmers son, Peterhead
      James Troup, son, 3, St fergus
      Peter Troup, son, 1, St Fergus

      Clatt Aberdee
      James Walker, head, mar, 41, Minister of Clatt, Turriff
      Elizabeth walker, wife, mar, 32, Peterhead
      Elizabeth Walker, dau, 8, Longside
      Catherine Walker, dau, 6, Peterhead
      Mary Gray Walker, dau, 5, Clatt
      Emma G. K. Walker, dau, 3, Clatt
      Isabella M. Walker, 0.08, Clatt

      St Fergus Banff
      Blackwater North
      Hellen Walker, unamr, 19, Out servant, Peterhead

      St Fergus Banff
      Hannah Walker, dau, 4, Peterhead
      Christine Burnett, unmar, 30, Toll Bar Keeper, Rathven
      Jane Reid, widow, visitor, 74, Rathven

      St Mrylebone, Middlesex
      Upper Baker Street
      James Wallace, head, mar, 37, Civil engineer, Devonshire
      Mary Wallace, wife, mar, 35, Peterhead

      Aberdeen West Aberdeen
      St Paul Street
      John Wilson, head, mar, 33, General labourer, Ellon
      Catherine Wilson, wife, mar, 34, Peterhead
      Alexander Wilson, son, 2, Aberdeen
      Catherine Wilson, dau, 0.66, Aberdeen

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