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Re: [Peterhead] Digest Number 1176: ROBERTSON COWIE

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  • Ed Campbell
    Hello Ian: First Ian is my brother s name (Ian Douglas Campbell). ROBERTSON: I don t think at this time we connect however I have lots of work to do on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13 7:23 PM
      Hello Ian:

      First "Ian" is my brother's name (Ian Douglas Campbell).


      I don't "think" at this time we connect however I have lots of work to do on
      the ROBERTSON line as with all my other family members as I have really only
      seriousley started this research.

      My mother Marion Lillie COWIE born 02 July 1894

      Her father Robert COWIE born 15 July 1854
      Her mother Mary Robertson (formerly MOIR) born 12 October 1858

      Mary Robertson's father: William Robertson, Blacksmith
      His wife Elspet Lillie born Oct 12, 1858 Married to William 04 July 1847 at
      I am checking the Elspet Lillie line as it appears to connect to Robert
      LILLIE,1824 and Anne SHEWAN who connect to Andrew SHEWAN and Margaret
      SANGSTER ( Ihave some "proving" to do on this line).

      As far as William ROBERTSON is concerned, I am going to Scotland's People
      (on line) to do some work on this branch of family. I shall keep you

      Let me know if you have anything interesting.


      Edward Benjamin Campbell
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