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Re: [Peterhead] Immigation to the US

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  • rayhennessy
    Hi Noelene Ellis Island didn t open until sometime in 1892 [see http://www.ellisisland.org/genealogy/ellis_island.asp]. Prior to that Immigrants passed
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 8, 2004
      Hi Noelene

      Ellis Island didn't open until sometime in 1892 [see http://www.ellisisland.org/genealogy/ellis_island.asp%5d. Prior to that Immigrants passed through Castle Gardens, at the lower end of Manhattan Island. I think it was the site of an old fort.

      There are passenger lists for ships entering New York. You could try http://immigrantships.net although I haven't searched the whole of this site.
      The New York Arrivals lists are on subsidiary pages indexed at: http://immigrantships.net/nycarrivals1_6.html
      Some parts of this site are still being transcribed.

      There don't seem to be very many ships listed in the early years of the 19th century. I haven't been able to find an index to these passengers which has meant searching on every ship's list as we have no idea when Sheena's great-grandmother went or returned apart from it being in the decade 1871-1881. No luck so far but we keep looking for new angles.

      Good hunting.

      Ray & Sheena
      Reading UK

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      Hi, Noelene

      I daresay there are others more knowledgeable than me (or with the nouse and
      time to Google US abbreviations!) but it occurred to me that "Ma" might also
      stand for Maryland?


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      > I am in new zealand and have found a branch of the family in
      > Pittsfield Mass.
      > Would all imigrants in the mid to late 1800 have come in through
      > Ellis Island, or is it possible that this family would have arrived
      > in Boston or some other nearby port.
      > I have no other information except that they would have been in the
      > stated in 1866 as the 1880 census shows a son of 14 born in Ma which
      > I assume is Massachutes (sorry about the spelling but I guess you
      > will know where I mean).
      > Many thanks
      > Noelene Gratton
      > Hamilton New Zealand

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