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1891 crew census strays

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  • Cci
    Hi group, how are you tonight. Crews on various ships the night of the 1891 census. Sorry I don t have any other details about these men and none are related
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      Hi group, how are you tonight.
      Crews on various ships the night of the 1891 census.
      Sorry I don't have any other details about these men and none are related to me.
      Best wishes,

      SS River Lagan
      district Stepney county London
      Michael Riley, crew, mar, 37, Master, Dublin
      Charles Stent, crew, single, 17, Steward, Brighton
      W. A. Florence, crew, single, 21, 2nd Engineer, Peterhead
      H. Miller, passenger, single, 22, Customs Officer, Ireland
      C. de Woelder, crew, mar, 28, AB seaman, Holland
      I. van Vyvan, crew, mar, 22, AB seaman, Holland
      D. McDonald, crew, single, 37, AB seaman
      C. van Dyke, crew, mar, 44, AB seaman, Holland
      W. Lawrence, crew, mar, 40, AB seaman, Norfolk
      F. Faas, crew, mar, 22, Winchman, Holland
      A. Kerschilling, crew, mar, 28, Winchman, Holland
      B. Smet, crew, mar, 53, Donkeyman, Belguim
      I. de Woelder, crew, mar, 23, Holland
      H. de Bruijne, crew, mar, 23, Holland

      SS IRBY
      district Falmouth county Cornwall
      Thomas Bishop Jago, 1st Officer, mar, 30, Ireland
      Tom Smith, 2nd Officer, single, 24, Gloucestershire
      Thomas Maxwell Chalmers, Cheif Steward, mar, 49, Lancashire
      William Wright, Sailmaker, mar, 28, Liverpool
      Frans August Harlson, Carpenter, mar, 40, Kalmer
      William Henry Taylor, Cook, single, 28, Nova Scotia
      Edward Hughs, AB seaman, single 46, Liverpool
      Charles Sager, AB seaman, single, 46, Germany
      Harry Edwards, AB seaman, single 21, Kent
      Charles Dalston, AB seaman, mar, 41, Kalmer
      John Young, AB seaman, single, 24, Kent
      William Blow, AB seaman, single, 20, Peterhead
      Edward Wardingham, AB seaman, single, 42, Norfolk
      Charls Nordenburg, AB seaman, single, 46, Sweden
      William Upton, AB seaman, single 23, Kent
      Francis Comissing?, AB seaman, single, 33, West Indies British Subject

      South Sheilds county Durham
      Alexander Cordiner, mar, 33, Master, Nova Scotia
      John Clark, mar, 42, AB seaman, Peterhead

      MINNIE sail SD
      James Collie, mar, 59, Master, Peterhead
      John Henry, mar, 47, Mate, Peterhead
      William Ritchie, single, 20, Seaman, Peterhead
      George Collie, single, 21, Seaman, Peterhead
      Alexander Davidson, single, 21, Seaman, Aberdeen

      county London district Woolwich
      Alexander Brown, mar, 39, Mate, Northumberland
      Joseph Sneglar, mar, 46, Steward, Dorset
      Thomas Biurcham, mar, 42, 2nd Engineer, Norfolk
      Joseph Sharples, single, 42, AB seaman, Liverpool
      Benjamin Craven, mar, 40, AB seaman, Norfolk
      George Hadgraft, mar, 51, AB seaman, Sulfolk
      Frank Ivory, mar, 45, AB seaman, Cornwall
      John Craig, mar, 45, Boatswain, Peterhead
      John Hotchin, single, 36, Stoker fireman, Stockton

      SS ESK
      district Newcastle Upon Tyne
      John Dury, single, 43, 1st Mate, Montrose
      Alexander McGregor, mar, 51, AB seaman, Dundee
      William Stobant, mar, 30, AB seaman, Durham
      William Cozens, mar, 38, AB seaman, Norfolk
      John Henry Craighead, mar, 26, AB seaman, Peterhead
      John William Murray, single, 21, AB seaman, Peterhead

      South Sheilds district Durham
      Thomas Kelso, mar, 49, Master, North Sheilds
      John Hastie, mar, 48, Mate, Durham
      John Hamard, mar, 40, 2nd Mate, Norfolk
      John Falconer, mar, 47, Steward, Peterhead
      Herbert Gun, mar, 28, AB seaman, Norfolk
      John Jamieson, mar, 31, AB seaman, Shetland
      Thomas Sabastian, mar, 31, AB seaman,Stromness
      George Hermard, mar, 35, AB seaman, Norfolk
      Alexander Smith, mar, 31, AB seaman, Peterhead
      Theodore Ranton, mar, 32, AB seaman, Norfolk
      George W. Fellis, mar, 27, Cheif Engineer, Durham
      R. S. Wilkinson, single, 29, 2nd Engineer seas, Durham
      John Clark Wardle, mar, 28, Fou--n, South Sheilds
      Edward Beddel, single, 24, Fireman seas, London
      James Greener, mar, 25, Fireman, South Sheilds
      J. G. Maybrit?, mar, 38, Fireman, South Sheilds
      Thomas Duncan, single, 17, Boy seas, Edinburgh

      SS SPRAY
      George Sharp, mar, 49, Master seas, Aberdeen
      John Johnston, mar, 42, Cheif Mate, Peterhead
      William Taylor, mar, 41, 2nd Mate, Aberdeen
      Alexander gray, mar, 36, Cheif Engineer, Banff
      Alexander Ross, mar, 26, 2nd Engineer, Huntly
      James Mackie, mar, 27?, Steward, Aberdeen
      William Cruickshank, mar, 39, AB seaman, Inverness
      Magnus Jamieson, single, 21, AB seaman, Shetland
      John Thompson, single, 20, AB seaman, Shetland
      Adam Sharp, mar, 54, AB seaman, Aberdeen
      George Todd, mar, 41, Fireman, Aberdeen
      John Stewart, mar, 34, Fireman, Aberdeen
      John Buchan, mar, 43, Fireman, Aberdeen

      South Sheilds Durham
      George Ogg, mar, 31, Master, Aberdeen
      William Brurley, mar, 27, 2nd Mate, West Indies British Subject
      John Derby, mar, 27, Steward, Norway
      Joseph Kaul, single, 26, AB seaman, Peterhead British Subject
      Konsta Poussa, single, 29, AB seaman, Finland
      John Eudrill, single, 31, AB seaman seas, Gotland?
      Charles Bromfield, mar, 39, AB seaman, Sulfolk
      Gusta Krvin?, single, 22, Finland
      Robert Hadley, mar,. 38, Donkeyman, Durham
      George Bridgewater, single, 25, Fireman, Durham

      Hartlepool Durham
      Francis William Gray, mar, 55, Master, Portsoy Banff
      John Watson, mar, 40, Boatswain, Portsoy
      Peter Reid, mar, Coo & AB seaman, Portsoy
      Henry Wilson, mar, 27, Cook, Portsoy
      Peter Coull, single, 19, Ordinary seaman, Buckie Banff
      James Lyon, single, 17, Boy, Peterhead

      Stepney London
      James George Bain, mar, 63, Master, Stirlingshire
      John Mackie, mar, 46, Mate, Peterhead
      William M. Kendbuck, mar, 47, Sermdmate?, Stirlingshire
      James Black, mar, 46, Carpenter, Stirlingshire
      Henry Philips, mar, 41, Cook, Liverpool
      Jess? Peter Merten0on, mar, 39, Greecer AB seaman, Copenhagen
      James Burns, widower, 58, AB seaman, Airdrie
      Luis Hynd, mar, 52, AB seaman, Stirlingshire
      William Beveridge, single, 21, AB seaman, Fife
      Lawrence Tull??, mar, 48, AB seaman, Shetland
      James ??arvey, mar, 45, Engineer, Stirlingshire
      Francis Strong, mar, 29, 2nd Engineer, Clackmannan
      David Laing, mar, 35, Donkeyman, Stirlingshire
      James Leishman, mar, 55, Fireman, Stirlingshire
      Alexander Dick, mar, 45, Fireman, Stirlingshire
      Robert Logan, mar, 26, Fireman, Ayreshire
      Gabert? Hunter, mar, 27, Fife

      district Blyth Northumberland
      Andrew Wilkie, mar, 48, Mate, Durham
      Andrew Behrseng, mar, 41, AB seaman, Sweden
      Frederick Albert Halburg, single, 24, AB seman, Sweden
      William McLean, mar, 45, AB seaman, Peterhead
      Peter Browne, mar, 36, AB seaman, Montreal Canada
      Henry Rollo, mar, 26, Fireman, North Sheilds
      Charles Graham, mar, 29, 2nd Engineer, Durham
      Henry Payne, single, 17, Engineer Steward, London

      Sunderland Durham
      George Howard, mar, 51, Master, Sulfolk
      James Wallen, mar, 53, 2nd Mate, Essex
      Peter Anderson, single, 41, AB seaman, Sweden
      Angus Anderson, single, 43, AB seaman, Sweden
      James Holes, widower, 44, AB seaman, Hampshire
      James Morrison, mar, 32, AB seaman, Peterhead
      John Master, mar, 47, Donkyman, Germany
      Joseph Waters, single, 17, Cabin boy, North Sheilds

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