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1871 census strays in England

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  • Cci
    Hi group, This info might help someone. Best wishes, Catherine 1871 vessel Traveller county Northhampton Alexander Simpson, married, male, 56, Master, brn
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2004
      Hi group,
      This info might help someone.
      Best wishes,

      vessel "Traveller"
      county Northhampton
      Alexander Simpson, married, male, 56, Master, brn Peterhead
      John Coull, married, male, 52, Mate, brn Peterhead
      Robert Sandy, married, male, 36, Boatswain, brn Peterhead
      George Mess, married, male, 35, Cook and steward, brn St. Fergus, Banff
      George Tait, married, male, 29, Able Bodied Seaman, brn St. Fergus, Banff
      Charles Keith, single, male, 19, A.B. Seaman, brn St. Fergus, Banff
      James Chapell, single, male, 17, Ordinary Seaman, brn Peterhead
      William I. Simpson, single, male, 15, Ordinary Seaman, brn Peterhead
      James Barron, married, male, 32, A.B. Seaman, brn Peterhead

      vessel "Venus"
      Newcastle Quay
      county; Northumberland
      Horatio Low, unmarried, male, 29, Master, Forfar Montrose
      George Strachan, married, male, Mate, Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
      Thomas Piper, married, male, 28, Cook, Middlesex London
      William Cox, married, male, A.B.Seaman, Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
      Peter Urquhart, married, male, 43, A.B. Seaman, Aberdeenshire Aberdeen
      Alexander Bain, married, male, 25, A.B. Seaman, Peterhead
      John Henderson, unmarried, male, 15, Apprentice, Aberdeenshire Aberdeen

      Parish of Westbury on Trym, Gloucestershire
      2 Petville Place
      Archibald Henry McGaken, head, married, 40, Assistant paymaster, Control dept.
      Mary McGaken, wife, married, 38
      Archibald McGaken, son, 1,
      Alice Sandy McGaken, dau, 1
      Ellen Bruce, servant, unmarried, 26, domestic servant, Peterhead
      Johanna Bruce, servant, unmarried, 20, domestic servant, Peterhead

      Liverpool Lancashire
      James Christie, lodger, married, 55, Book???, Peterhead

      Oldham Lancashire
      Hollins Road
      Isabella Christina, boarder, unmarried, 25, Day school teacher, Peterhead

      Liverpool, St. Bride, Lancashire
      94 Hal??? Street
      Richard Davidson, head, married, 70, brn Cumberland
      Elizabeth Davidson, wife, married, 65, Cumberland
      William Davidson, son, unmarried, 25, Peterhead

      Kensington, St. Mary Abbot, London
      Janet McConike, servant, unmarried, 26, Housemaid, Peterhead

      St Marylebone, London
      5 Harewood Street
      James Mitchell, lodger, unmarried, male, 25, Shopman draper, Peterhead

      parish Heston, town Lampton, Middlesex
      The Lawn
      Jane Mitchil, servant, unmarried, 19, Housemaid, Peterhead

      Bromley Street, London
      Patrick Robb, head, married, 51, Master Mariner, Peterhead
      Margaret Robb, wife, married, 49, Peterhead
      Jane Robb, dau, unmarried, 21, Poplar, London
      John Robb, son, 15, scholar, Poplar
      Annie Robb, dau, 8, scholar, Poplar
      Ann Hogg, mother, widow, Montrose Forar, paralysed

      parish St. Nicholas, Worcestershire
      Tansome Walk
      Robert Locke Rynock, head, married, 40, Accountant and Agent, Peterhead
      Annie Rynock, wife, mar,
      Gordon Brown, son, 13, scholar, American, British subject
      John Rynock, son, 12, scholar, Wocester
      Robert Rynock, son, 12, scholar, Wocester
      Jessie Rynock, dau, 10, scholar, Wocester
      Frank Rynock, son, 9, scholar, Wocester
      George Rynock, son, 8, scholar, Wocester
      Marion Rynock, dau, 6, scholar, Wocester
      Edith Rynock, dau, 5, scholar, Wocester
      Elizabeth ?????prey, mother, widow, 55, Annuintant, Shefeild
      John Rynock, father, 74, Retired agent, Scotland

      parish Gate Fulford, Yorkshire
      Helen J. Small, boarder, unmarried, 18, scholar, Peterhead

      parish St. Mark, Liverpool
      Grace Thomason, undermaid, unmarried, 23, Peterhead

      Wellington Dock, Lancashire
      vessel "Florence Barclay"
      John H. Vollar, married, male, 50, Master, Peterhead
      Alexander Thompson, unmarried, male, 19, Apprentice, Aberdeen
      James Reid, unmarried, 15, male, Apprentice, Macduff, Banff
      Alexander Patterson, unmarried, male, Apprentice, Culto Aberdeen
      James Wall, unmarried, male, 23, Cook and Steward, Middlesex

      parish Gorton, town Manchester
      Frank Wood, lodger, married, 33, Railway Porter, Peterhead

      Aldershot, Hampshire
      William Dickie Bernie, 26, Peterhead

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