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Re: [Peterhead] Clark,Burnett,,Milne,Nicol, Birnie, Kelman - Peterhead

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  • rayhennessy
    Hi List I was intrigued by Lexi s response to thistledown partly because I didn t see the original message - not sure how that happened but there isn t one
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 8, 2004
      Hi List

      I was intrigued by Lexi's response to "thistledown" partly because I didn't see the original message - not sure how that happened but there isn't one in the archive that I can find. Is "thistledown" a member of this list?

      Anyway, we are investigating the SHIRRAN lines around New Deer, Tyrie, etc. There is an Alexander SHIRRAN who married an Ann BURNETT in the early 1800s. They had twins [Alexander & George] in 1815. George SHIRRAN married Margaret SMITH.

      There is an MI in Tyrie which records the deaths of some of these:

      Alexander SHIRRAN died 9 Jan 1853, aged 70
      Ann BURNETT died 30 Jan 1861, aged 80
      George SHIRRAN died 11 March 1903 at Greenburn, Tyrie.

      We are interested because we have an Alexander SHIRRAN [the third] who is Sheena's g-g-grandfather. He is the third Alexander SHIRRAN in a line and we believe that the one who married Ann BURNETT was his cousin. If we are right this is the line:

      Alexander 1 [Sheena's g-g-g-g-gf] had two sons: Alexander 2 [Sheena's g-g-g-gf] and a.n.other.
      Both of these would have named their first born sons after their father.
      So we get our Alexander 3 [born 1887] and the cousin hypothesised above who was born in 1883 and married Ann BURNETT in Tyrie.

      Alexander 3 had a very fruitful life: So far we have found three wives and at least two [or three] other liaisons. He had eight daughters and at least one son. The son - his last know child - was called George! We feel sure there must have been an Alexander 4 but have yet to pin him down. One was born in 1830 but disappears without trace after the 1891 Census. His wife was Jessie TAWSE. She also is not in the 1901 Census but her death certificate for 1909 is on Scotland's People.

      Any help tracking the BURNETT connection with the SHIRRANs would be most welcome.
      [We also have Clark & Cheyne connections but not in these parishes.]


      Ray & Sheena Hennessy

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      Subject: [Peterhead] Clark,Burnett,,Milne,Nicol, Birnie, Kelman - Peterhead

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      > BURNETT Aberdour, Tyrie, Peterhead
      > CLARK Rosehearty, Pitsligo, Rathven, Crimmond, Peterhead, St Fergus and Aberdeen
      > CHEYNE St Fergus

      I have many similar surnames in my family.

      2. ELIZABETH2 KELMAN (ALEXANDER1) born March 21, 1841 in Rathen,
      Aberdeen, Scotland. She met (1) JAMES CLARK. She married (2) JOHN
      BURNETT June 09, 1866 in Rathen, Aberdeen, Scotland. He was born
      Abt. 1840 in Rathen, Aberdeen, Scotland.

      Children of ELIZABETH KELMAN and JOHN BURNETT are:
      ii. ANNA JANE SMITH3 BURNETT, b. April 30, 1867, Rathen,
      iii. ELISABETH MITCHELL BURNETT, b. June 09, 1870, Lonmay,
      iv. JOHN BURNETT, b. 1876, Lonmay, Aberdeen, Scotland.
      v. MAGGIE ANN BURNETT, b. 1878, Lonmay,
      vi. GEORGE MILNE BURNETT, b. 1879, Lonmay,


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