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more 1851 census info

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  • CCI
    Hi group, how are you all. Some more info from the 1851 census. More to some. Best wishes, Catherine Love Lane (part of, no numbers on this part of the film)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2004
      Hi group, how are you all.
      Some more info from the 1851 census.
      More to some.
      Best wishes,

      Love Lane (part of, no numbers on this part of the film)
      Alexander Bothwell, head, mar, 36, labourer, Shetland
      Mary do, wife, mar, 38, Aberdeen Aberdeen
      Jean do, dau, 9, scholar, Peterhead
      Alexander do, son, 6, scholar, Peterhead
      James Davidson, lodger, 16, ??a??land

      George Davidson, head, mar, 29, labourer, New Machar
      Margaret do, wife, mar, 38, Banff Ra??ha?
      Alexander do, son, 4, New Machar

      James Logan, head, mar, 30, Carter, Old Deer
      Ratchel Logan, wife, mar, 36, Fraserburgh
      Barbara do, dau, 10, Longside
      Margaret do, dau, 9, scholar, Longside
      Hellen Davidson, visitor, 12, scholar, Longside

      Elizabeth Forrest, head, unm, 86, Annuitant, Cruden

      George Forrest, head, mar, 40, Grocer, Peterhead
      Bess Forrest, wife, mar, 24, Peterhead
      Charles do, son, unm, 16, Shoemaker, Peterhead
      John do, son, unm, 14, Peterhead
      Mary do, dau, 12, Peterhead (birth name Mary Hutchison Forrest)
      Catherine do, dau, 10, Peterhead (birth name Catherine Ann Hutchison Forrest)
      George do, son, 8, Peterhead
      Elizabeth do, dau, 4, Peterhead

      No. 9 Love Lane
      Keith Turner, head, mar, 39, Cooper, Peterhead
      Christian do, wife, mar, 37, Longside
      William do, son, 4, scholar, Peterhead
      Mary do, dau, 2, Peterhead

      (this surname looks like Pace or Pirie
      William Pirie, head, mar, 24, Joiner, Aberdeenshire
      Elizabeth Pace, wife, mar, 23, Peterhead
      Margaret do, visitor, unm, 17, Aberdeenshire

      10 Love Lane
      Mary Keith, head, unm, 49, Schoolmistress, Aberdeenshire
      Andrew Black, lodger, unm, 19, House Carpenter, Aberdeenshire

      11 Marischall Street
      Margaret Robb, head, mar, 56, Merchant, Peterhead
      John Robb, son, unm, 29, Cooper, Peterhead
      Alexander do, son, unm, 15, Painter, Peterhead

      Jannet Cumming, head, mar, 28, Seamans wife, ??????
      James, Cumming, son, 1, Banff
      William Cumming, son, 1 month, Aberdeenshire

      12 Wilson's Close
      Jean Knox, wife of head, mar, 26, Labourers' wife, Peterhead
      George Knox, son, 11 months, Peterhead

      Gray surname from the census

      Castle Street
      Barbara Gray, wife of head, mar, 45, Ship Masters wife, Peterhead
      Ann do, dau, unm, 19, Fife Kirkcaldy
      Eliza do, dau, 14, Peterhead
      Georgina do, dau, 13, Peterhead
      Alexander do, son, 12, Peterhead

      Jamaica Street
      Roderick Gray, head, unm, 62, Provist of Peterhead
      Solicitor in practice, Daviot
      Roderick Gray, lodger, unm, 28, Accountant, Daviot

      St. Andrews Street
      Jannet Stephen, head, w, 43, Capmaker, Rathen
      Andrew do, son, unm, 16, Seaman app, Glasgow
      Alexander do, son, 14, at home, Peterhead
      George do, son, 11, Peterhead
      William C. do, son, 8, Peterhead
      Eliza Gray, visitor, unm, 24, Dressmaker, Peterhead

      Lodge Walk
      James Sutherland, head, wdr, 66, Slater, Turrif
      Alexander do, son, unm, 41, Flesher, Peterhead
      George do, son, unm, 34, Painter, Peterhead
      Charles do, son, unm, 29, Flesher, Peterhead
      Robert do, son, unm, 25, Flesher, Peterhead
      Donald do, son, 22, unm, Slater, Peterhead
      Elisabeth Gray, dau, mar, 27, Peterhead
      James Gray, son in law, mar, 34, Fish curer, Banff
      Alexander do, g son, 2, Peterhead
      Elizabeth Johnston, servant, mar, 27, Cruden
      Elspet Ellis, servant, unm, 22, Longside
      Alexander Allan, visitor, unm, 20, Land Insurer, Banffshire

      Love Lane
      John Gray, head, mar, 41, Labourer, Rosshire
      Elizabeth do, wife, mar, 36, Old Deer
      Ann do, dau, 8, scholar, Peterhead
      Elizabeth do, dau, 4, Peterhead
      Colin do, 1, Peterhead

      36 Merchant Street
      Robert Hutchison, head, wdr, 68, Ship owner employing 24 men, Peterhead
      Eliza do, dau, unm, 39, Peterhead
      Margaret Christie, servant, unm, 34, Banffshire
      Margaret Gray, servant, unm, 29, Longside

      George Herd, head, mar, 53, Labourer, Old Deer
      Christian do, wife, mar, 45, Peterhead
      Richard do, son, 10, Peterhead
      William do, son, 1, Peterhead
      Robert Gray, step son, 10, Peterhead
      Margaret Herd, dau, 5, Peterhead

      Seagate Street
      Jean Gray, wife, mar, 41, Seamans wife, Peterhead
      Alexander do, son, 16, scholar, Peterhead
      George do, son, 14, Errand boy, Peterhead
      Margaret do, dau, 12, scholar, Peterhead
      William do, son, 10, scholar, Peterhead

      Elizabeth Gray, head, unm, 72, Fishdealer, Peterhead

      Broad Street
      Adam Gray, head, wdr, 67, Justice of Peace, Clerk Deputy
      and lately Messenger and Arms, Daviot
      Roderick Gray, son, unm, 35, Corn merchant, Peterhead
      Mary Sellar, servant, w, 57, Housekeeper, Peterhead

      Broad Street
      William Gray, head, unm, 71, Ship carpenter, Tarves
      Mary do, sister, unm, 69, Housekeeper, Tarves

      Windmill Street
      Christian Bain, wife, mar, 33, Seamans wife, Peterhead
      Mary do, dau, 8, scholar, Peterhead
      Chrisrtian Gray, mother, w, 65, Sick nurse, Huntly
      Margaret do, visitor, unm, 37, House servant, Peterhead

      Windmill Street
      James Gray, head, mar, 25, Shoemaker, Zetland
      Jessie do, wife, mar, 24, Peterhead
      James do, son, 2, Peterhead
      Alexander W. do, 1, Peterhead

      Windmill Street
      Elizabeth Gray, head, w, 39, Merchant dealer in Bakers ?, Longside
      Mary do, dau, unm, 18, Seamstress, Longside
      James do, son, 16, Farm labourer, Longside
      Bessy Porter, dau, 5, Peterhead

      Princess Street
      Alexander gray, head, mar, 35, Carter, Old Deer
      Jean do, wife, 30, Peterhead
      Alexander do, son, 11, Peterhead
      Isabella do, dau, 8, Peterhead
      Elisabeth do, dau, 3 months, Peterhead
      Thomas Wells, lodger, unm, 25, Mason, Peterhead

      Queen Street
      John Kilgour, head, wdr, 69, Accountant for the Commercial Bank of Scotland, Fifeshire Leslie
      Elizabeth do, dau, unm, 37, Peterhead
      Jessie Gray, servant, unm, 20, Foveran

      Queen Street
      Isabella Mackie, head, w, 38, widow of Ship Master, Peterhead
      Margaret do, dau, 12, Peterhead
      William do, son, 9, Peterhead
      James do, son, 7, Peterhead
      Isabella do, dau, 7, Peterhead
      Thomas do, son, 5, Peterhead
      John do, son, 1, Peterhead
      William Gray, father, wdr, 74, retired Ship Master, Peterhead
      Jean Mitchell, unm, 21, servant, Peterhead

      St Peters Street
      George Yates, head, mar, 22, Slater journeyman, Aberdeenshire
      Margaret do, wife, mar, 21, Aberdeenshire
      William Gray, unm 24, Lodger Slater journeyman, Banff Deskford
      James Mitchell, unm, 22, Lodger Slater Journeyman, Aberdeenshire

      47 Kirk Street
      John Gray, head, wdr, 72, Gardiner, Longsie
      Ann Dalzeil, servant, unm, 43, Cruden

      Fish Lane
      James Forbes, head, mar, 39, Carter, Cruden
      Isabella do, wife, mar, 35, Old Deer
      Christian do, dau, 9, Peterhead
      Elizabeth do, dau, 7, Peterhead
      James do, son, 5, Peterhead
      John do, son, 3, Peterhead
      Alexander, do, son, 1, Peterhead
      Christian Davidson, sister in law, unm, 20, scholar, Old Deer

      Fish Lane
      James Coutts, head, mar, 30, Showmaker journeyman, Peterhead
      Elisabeth do, wife, mar, 34, Aberdeen
      Elisabeth White, step dau, 11, Peterhead
      Catherine H, White, step dau, 9, Aberdeen
      David R. Coutts, son, 4, Peterhead
      William H. do, son, 2, Peterhead
      James do, son, 4 months, Peterhead

      Fish Lane
      Jean Finnie, wife, mar, 26, Seamans wife, Peterhead
      Margaret do, dau, 7, Peterhead
      Archibald do, son, 4, Peterhead
      Jean do, dau, 9 months, Peterhead

      Fish Lane
      Christian Tod, wife, mar, 21, Seamans wife, Peterhead
      John Gray, brother, 5, Peterhead

      Fish Lane
      Jannet Brown, head, unm, 49, Pig feeder, Cruden
      Robert McIntosh, son, 12, Peterhead

      Fish Lane
      Isabella Buchan, head, w, 72, pauper formerly outdoor work, Banff St. Fergus
      Elisabeth Scott, g dau, unm, 24, pauper picking oakam, Banff St. Fergus
      Ann Bruce, gg dau, 4, Peterhead
      Elisabeth Bruce, gg dau, 1, Peterhead

      Fish Lane
      Margaret Landy, head, unm, 27, Knitting herring ners, Peterhead
      Ann do, unm, 20, General outdoor work, Peterhead

      Fish Lane
      Ann Gerrey, head, unm, 44, General outdoor work, Peterhead
      Jannet McKenzie, dau, unm, 20, House servant, Peterhead

      Fish Lane
      Elizabeth Taylor, head, w, 56, pauper for fish dealer, Banff St. Fergus
      Catherine McPherson, dau, unm, 36, General outdoor work, Banff St. Fergus
      Catherine Muirson, g dau, 5, Aberdeen St. Clements

      Fish Lane
      James McLaren, head, mar, 43, Gardiners labourer, Banff Portsoy
      Mary do, wife, mar, 33, Longside
      Isabella do, dau, 11, employment at home, Peterhead
      Charles do, son, 9, Peterhead
      Ann do, dau, 7, Peterhead
      Allan do, son, 3, Peterhead
      Alexander do, son, 1, Peterhead
      James do, son, 1, Peterhead

      Fish Lane
      Isabella Hinks, head, w, 73, pauper for outdoor work, Nairnshire Croy
      Isabella Downs, lodger, unm, 45, pauper formerly leather merchants daughter, Edinburgh

      Fish Lane
      Ann McKenzie, wife, mar, 40, Seamans wife, Peterhead
      Kenneth do, son, 14, Peterhead

      Fish Lane
      Isabella Gall, head, w, 73, pauper formerly farmers wife, Longside

      Fish Lane
      George Philips, head, mar, 57, Mason, Tyrie
      Jannet do, wife, mar, 49, Public house keeper, Peterhead
      Jean McIntosh, step dau, 16, House servant, Peterhead
      George Philips, son, 5, Peterhead

      Fish Lane
      Christian Foreman, head, w, 40, pauper knitting herring nets, Lonmay
      William do, son, unm, 17, Ropemaker app, Peterhead
      James do, son, 14, Peterhead
      Elisabeth Black, lodger, w, 45, pauper knitting herring nets, Peterhead

      Lodge Walk
      Alexander Maitland, head, mar, 62, Strapper or Groom, St. Fergus
      Ann do, wife, mar, 46, St. Fergus
      Sarah do, dau, unm, 23, Shoe binder, Peterhead
      Christian do, dau, unm, 19, Milliner, Peterhead

      Lodge Walk
      Alexander Milne, head, mar, 25, Grocer and Ironmunger, Peterhead
      Margaret do, wife, mar, 24, Peterhead
      George do, son, 4 months, Peterhead
      Elisa Leask, unm, 17, Maid, Peterhead

      Lodge Walk
      William Fettas, head, mar, 33, Carter, Kincardinshire Auchenblae
      Hellen do, wife, mar, 37, Kincardinshire St. Cynis?
      James do, nephew, 14, Shoemaker app, Kincardinshire Laurencekirk
      Alexander Watson, lodger, mar, 44, Bookseller, Banff Macduff
      William McKenzie, lodger, mar, 58, Bookseller, Banff Inveraven

      Lodge Walk
      Jane Elmslie, head, mar, 52, Schoolmistress, Ellon
      Isabella do, dau, unm, 21, Milliner, Longside
      Mary do, dau, unm, 15, Longside

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