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1851 census extracts part 1

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  • CCI
    Hi group, how are you all. I m going to post some various info from the 1851 census over the next few days, hope it helps someone. Best wishes, Catherine ps On
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2004
      Hi group, how are you all.

      I'm going to post some various info from the 1851 census over the next few days, hope it helps someone.
      Best wishes,
      On some of the pages, the copier did'nt copy the town name only the shire.

      part of Union Street (no numbers)
      James Lunan, Head, unm, 29, Ship builder of the firm Lunan and Robertson, brn A/deenshire
      employing 40 men, 21 app
      Jean Geddes, aunt, unm, 86, brn Morayhsire B???????????
      Mary Hutton, serv, unm, 46, general servant, brn A/deenshire

      Agnes Henderson, Head, unm, 73, provisional merchant, brn A/deenshire

      Margaret Wiseman, wife, mar, 63, seaman's wife and tavern keeper

      James Edward, head, widr, 64, retired ship carpenter, brn A/deenshire

      John Davidson, head, mar, 39, joiner, brn A/deenshire Peterhead (my gg grandparents)
      Joan Davidson, wife, mar, 20, brn A/deenshire Peterhead (ms Ogston)

      William Saunders, head, mar, 67, shoemaker employing 2 men, brn Banffshire R?????????
      Elizabeth do, wife, mar, 68, brn Banffshire
      Elizabeth do, dau, unm, 26, dressmaker, brn Peterhead
      Jane do, dau, unm, 23, dressmaker, brn Peterhead

      John Fraser, head, mar, 24, carpenter, Rosshire Sco??????
      Jane do, wife, mar, 26, brn Aberdeen

      Christian McKenzie, head, w, 60, knitting stockings, brn Rosshire T??????

      James Cowie, head, mar, 27, ship carpenter, brn Peterhead
      Charlotte do, wife, mar, 22, brn Peterhead
      Mary Jane do, dau, 5 months, brn Peterhead

      Marischall Street part of
      Robert May, lodger, unm, 18, bakers app, brn Rathen

      1? Marischall St
      Jean La?o, head, w, 70, green grocer, brn Logie

      Hector Gray, head, mar, 60, culter and town drummer, brn Peterhead (brn in Tillydown Banff)
      Catherine do, wife, mar, 51, brn Peterhead
      Robert do, son, 11, scholar, brn Peterhead
      Catherine Paterson, g dau, 3, brn Peterhead
      William Oliphant, son in law, mar 21, ship carpenter, brn Old Deer
      Hellen do, wife, mar, 21, ship carpenters wife, brn Peterhead
      Margaret do, dau, 3, brn Peterheaad
      William do, son, 1, brn Peterhead

      Two houses uninhabited

      Albion Street part of
      Christian Craigshead, head, unm, 69, huckster?, brn Longside

      Christian Smith, head, unm, 39, dressmaker, brn Peterhead

      Margaret robertson, head, unm, 73, knitting on the poor rates, brn Peterhead

      Jean Keith, head, w, 74, knitting
      Hellen Campbell, g dau, unm, 18, general servant, brn Old deer

      John Cousins, head, mar, 28, cooper journeyman, brn Peterhead
      Elizabeth do, wife, mar, 28, brn Peterhead
      John do, son, 4 months, brn Peterhead

      Elizabeth Tait, head, unm, 38, lodging keeper, brn Longside

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