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Re: [Peterhead] For Derek Cuthbert

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  • Derek Cuthbert
    Dear Jim, Aren t mailing lists wonderful!!! My wife s maiden name was Barclay and the trail started from her father William Barclay then her grandfather George
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 2, 2003
      Dear Jim,
      Aren't mailing lists wonderful!!!
      My wife's maiden name was Barclay and the trail started from her father
      William Barclay then her grandfather George Barclay. The best thing to do is
      to reproduce the notes I have about her Great grandfather William which is
      what lead me to post on the list. This is the information:

      Ward's directory for South Shields 1926 shows a Mrs Sarah Barclay as a
      butcher at 49 Westoe Road. This is the address given on the marriage
      certificate of William Barclay at his marriage to Eleanor Pyle Wilkinson in
      1936 , my wife's parents. There is also a reference to 21 Agnes Street South
      Shields and this was followed up in the 1881 Census index. The 1881 Census
      showed the following information:

      Index Ref 5011/23/40 21 Agnes Street South Shields

      William Barclay Head 30 House Joiner Sct
      Sarah Barclay Wife 25 Blyth NBL
      Phillip Barclay Son 4 Jarrow
      Elizabeth Barclay Dau 2 South
      Philip Davison B in L 22 Ships Carpenter Blyth NBL

      The 1891 Census for the same address showed the following information:

      William Barclay Head 40 Joiner Peterhead SCT
      Sarah Barclay Wife 35 Blyth Northumberland
      Phillip Barclay Son 14 Jarrow
      Elizabeth Barclay Dau 12 South Shields
      William Barclay Son 9 South Shields
      Alfred Barclay Son 7 South Shields
      Jemima Barclay Dau 4 South Shields
      Issac Barclay Son 2 South Shields

      The names of the siblings are the same as the family memories plus the fact
      that George the unborn son called his son William all bears out the fact
      these are the Great Grand parents of Carole Barclay. The other fact from the
      1881 census is that Sarah's maiden name was Davison on the basis that the
      Bro in law was her brother.
      The dates of birth of the first five children comes from a Census of School
      Children in South Shields June to July 1887. The original is in Tyne and
      Wear Archive Blanford Street Newcastle upon Tyne.

      The 1901 Census gave the following information:
      Piece 4726 Folio 43
      60 Alma Street South Shields
      Barclay William 52 Joiner Carp
      Barclay Sarah 44
      Blyth NBL
      Barclay Effy 22
      Barclay William 19 Joiner
      Barclay Alfred 17 Butcher
      Barclay Jemima 14 Tailors Machinist
      Barclay Issac 12
      Barclay George 10
      Barclay Joseph 7
      Barclay Sarah. E 2

      A search of the Free BMD site for marriage for William Barclay came up with
      William Lillie Barclay and Sarah Davidson Mar 1876 South Shields. This
      needs to be followed up in the PRs at South Shields library.

      The above marriage was checked out in the South Shields parishes. It was
      found at St Paul's Jarrow.
      The grooms fathers name was William and the brides fathers name was Philip
      Davison. The details are: 9th March 1876 St Paul's Jarrow
      William Lillie Barclay 25 Batchelor Joiner Jarrow William Barclay
      Sarah Davison 20 Spinster Jarrow Philip
      Davison Carpenter.

      A search of the IGI Online found WILLIAM LILLY LENDRUM BARCLAY born 1st
      November 1849 and christened 12 November 1849. This ties in with the name
      in the marriage and the age in the 1901 Census (52). The parents are WILLIAM
      LILLY BARCLAY and MARGARET WALLACE. This child was born in Peterhead
      Aberdeen which ties in with Census information. Again an IGI online search
      found the marriage of WILLIAM LILLY BARCLAY and MARGARET WALLACE on 12 Jul
      1849 at Peterhead Aberdeen. As Civil Registration didn't start in Scotland
      until 1 Jan 1855 these findings will have to be checked through the
      Peterhead Parish Registers.

      Wade Buchan in Australia offers look ups in the 1851 Census for Peterhead.
      With the information on this family he found the following information.
      1851 Peterhead Census
      District 12 Page 2 No 10.
      1 Thistle Street Peterhead
      Margaret Barclay Hd W 22 Cooper's Wid. Peterhead
      William Lillie L Barclay Son 1
      It appears from this that William Lilly Barclay was married on 12 JUL 1849
      and died before April 1851.

      In the email from Wade Duncan giving the 1851 information about the family
      of WILLIAM LILLY LENDRUM BARCLAY, the following information was given that
      suggests these are the parents of WILLIAM LILLY BARCLAY, the father of

      1851 Census District 4 Page 17 No.84
      Charlotte Street

      George Barclay Head 60 Tailor Cruden
      Mary Barclay Wife 66 Cruden
      Elizabeth Barclay Dau 29 Peterhead
      William Barclay GSon 7 Peterhead

      Death No 139 Mary Barclay wife of a Tailor died 27/11/1858 at 6am at
      6Charlotte Street female aged 75 years, parents THOMAS LENDRUM, tailor
      (deceased) and JEAN LENDRUM ms CASSIE (deceased), cause paralysis for ten
      months, informant GEORGE BARCLAY, his mark, husband, present.
      I look forward to hearing from you and hopes this ties up some of your
      loose ends
    • Derek Cuthbert
      My apologies to the group for posting that long message. I should of course just sent it to Jim, a senior moment and excitement!!! Derek Cuthbert
      Message 2 of 3 , Dec 2, 2003
        My apologies to the group for posting that long message. I should of course
        just sent it to Jim, a senior moment and excitement!!!
        Derek Cuthbert
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