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census and marriage entry

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    Hi group, how are you. A page from the 1891 census and one marriage entry. No one s related to me, I thought the Robert Gray was, but he s not. Best wishes,
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      Hi group, how are you.

      A page from the 1891 census and one marriage entry.
      No one's related to me, I thought the Robert Gray was, but he's not.
      Best wishes,

      12 Love Lane
      William Allan, Head, mar, 67, Ship captain, employer, brn Peterhead
      Helen do, wife, mar, 66, brn Phd
      William D. do, grand son, unm, 15, General clerk, brn Phd

      12 Love Lane
      Donald Sadler, Head, mar, 63, Retired seaman, employed, brn Phd
      Jane do, wife, mar, 63, brn Deer
      Peter Allan, boarder, unm, 23, Draper, employed, brn Banffshire Engie?

      12 Love Lane
      Susan Bain, boarder, W, 53, Lodging house keeper, brn Phd

      12 Love Lane
      John Forbes, lodger, unm, 19, Cooper, employed, brn Phd
      Peter do, lodger, unm, 17, Confectioner, employed, brn Phd

      12 Love Lane
      Eliza Rae, lodger, unm, 71, Formely servant, brn Tarves

      5 Love Lane
      Mlary? Wemyes, Head, W, 52, Washerwoman, brn Phd
      William C. do, son, unm, 22, Sailor, employed, brn Aberdeen
      Charles do, son, unm, 18, Apprentice wopen?, employed, brn Aberdeen
      James S. do, son, unm, 17, do, employed, brn A/deen
      George do, son, unm, 14, do, employed, brn A/deen
      Alexander O.Homes, grand child, 4, brn A/deen

      5 Love Lane
      Elspet Buchan, Head, W, 34?, Washerwoman, brn Lanark Glasgow
      John do, son, unm, 13, scholar, brn Phd
      Jane S. do, dau, 11, scholar, brn Phd
      William W. do, son, 8, scholar, brn Phd
      Hugh R?. do, son, 4, brn Phd
      David/Daniel?, son, 1, brn Phd

      3a Love Lane
      Robert Gray, Head, mar, 54, Carter, employed, brn Longside
      Ann do, wife, mar, 55, brn Longside
      William do, son, unm, 24, Carter, employed, brn Phd

      The marriage is my gg grandfather's (Hector Gray) step daughter, by Hector's second marriage, to Ann Bruce, MS Chalmers.
      I have'nt found on Scotlandspeople Hector and Ann's marriage, but on the 1861 census they are married and living in Marischall Street, and this girl whose marriage is below is the witness on Hector's death cert.

      October 10th 1869
      Marischall Street, Peterhead
      signed, John Crowther, Seaman, batchelor, age, 24
      usual residence, Love Lane
      father; John Crowther, Seaman (deceased)
      mother; Margaret Crowther, MS, Simpson
      signed, James Stewart, Minister of Peterhead

      signed, Margaret Bruce, spinster, age 23
      usual residence, Marischall Street
      father; Alexander Bruce, Blacksmith
      mother; Ann Bruce, MS, Chalmers
      signed, John Sangster, witness
      James Stevenson, witness

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