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Re: [Peterhead] Castle Street 1861

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  • Ron Will
    Hi Catherine, Yes P/H is Peterhead as is PHD Regards Ron ... From: Cci To: peterhead@yahoogroups.com Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 9:37 AM Subject:
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      Hi Catherine,

      Yes P/H is Peterhead as is PHD

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      From: Cci
      To: peterhead@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 9:37 AM
      Subject: [Peterhead] Castle Street 1861

      Hi group, how are you.
      This might help some one. Castle Street on the 1861 census. Sorry the film's gone back to Sydney, so I can't do look ups.
      P/H is Peterhead, ?? is I could'nt read the writting well.
      Best wishes,

      No 2
      Margaret Hutton, Head, widow, 66, Peterhead
      Janet Morrison, Head, mar, 40, P/H
      John Morrison, son, 10, P/H
      George Morrison, son, 8, P/H
      William Morrison, son, 5, P/H
      Ann Dorewust?, wife, mar, 61, P/H
      Margaret Dorewust?, wife, mar, 32, Crimond
      Ann Dorewust?, dau, 2, P/H

      No 3
      George Florence, Head, mar, 26, Blacksmith, P/H
      Janet Florence, wife, mar, 27, P/H
      Alexander Florence, son, 4, P/H
      Ann Florence, dau, 1, P/H

      No 6
      Thomas Hutton, Head, mar, 44, Tidewaiter, P/H
      Jane Hutton, wife, mar, 46, New Deer
      Thomas Hutton, son, unm, 20, Ship carp ap, P/H
      Mary Hutton, dau, unm, 18, servant, P/H
      Andrew Hutton, son, unm, 16, Boat builder ap, P/H
      William Hutton, son, 13, P/H
      Jane Hutton, dau, 11, P/H
      George Hutton, son, 6, P/H
      William Munro, lodger, mar, 40, Salmon fisher, Rossshire Fortrose
      James Henderson, lodger, mar 26, Salmon fisher, Huntly
      James Merson, lodger, unm 23, Salmon fisher, Banff Fordyce
      James Stuart, lodger, unm 21, Salmon fisher, Banff Whitehills

      No 7
      Ann Cowan, Head, 52, Inspector of houses, P/H
      Ann Cowan, dau, unm, 21, P/H
      John Cowan, son, unm, 18, Linen draper, P/H
      Alexander Cowan, son, 12, P/H

      No 8
      John Cardno, Head, mar, 47, Coalmerchant emp 1 man, P/H
      Janet Cardno, wife, mar, 47, Fife
      John Cardno, son, unm, 18, Coalmerchant assistant, P/H
      Allan Cardno, son, 11, scholar, P/H
      James Smith, Head, mar, 58, Cooper Journeyman, Edinburgh
      Elizabeth Smith, wife, mar, 56, St Fergus
      Christian Jaffrey, wifes sister, unm 66, St Fergus
      John Fraser, Head, mar, 33, Ship wright J, Caithness Lybstor
      Jane Fraser, wife, mar, 34, Aberdeen
      John Fraser, son, 6, England
      Elizabeth Fraser, dau, 2, England
      Charles Fraser, son, 3 months, P/H
      Charles Fraser, brother, unm, 25, Cooper J, Caithness Latherson
      Robert Clark, visitor, unm 22, Cooper J, Caithness Lybstor

      No 10
      John Milne, Head, mar, 37, Cooper foreman, P/H
      Margaret Milne, wife, mar, 31, P/H
      Margaret Milne, dau, 10, P/H
      William Milne, son, 4, P/H
      Anne E. Milne, dau, 2, P/H
      Catherine R.? Milne, 11 months, P/H
      Ann Milne, Head, widow, 78, P/H
      Jane Farquhar, servant, 16, Longside

      No 21
      James Gowmen?, Head, mar, 45, Coast guard, England
      Ann Gowmen, wife, mar, 42, England
      Elizabeth Gowmen, dau, 17, Dom servant, England
      Louisa Gowmen, dau, 10, England
      Hannah Gowmen, dau, 12, England
      Frederick Gowmen, son, 10, Slains
      John Gowmen, son, 8, Slains
      Mary Ann Gowmen, dau, 6, Slains
      Isabella Gowmen, dau, 4, Slains
      Dennis McGrath, Head, mar, 44, Coast guard, Ireland
      Johanna McGrath, wife, mar, 39, Ireland
      Isabella Slessor, wife, mar, 37, P/H
      John Slessor, son, 15, Cabinet maker J, P/H
      William Slessor, son, 9, P/H
      William Diverall, Head, widower, 86, retired, sa----gor?, Old Meldrum

      No 22
      Amelia Cardno, wife, mar, 61, P/H
      Janet Cardno, dau, unm 21, Dom servant, P/H
      John Moffat, Head, mar, 60, Fise??? emp 1 man, Leith
      Mary Ann Moffat, wife, mar, 61, Inveresk

      No 23
      James Logsie, Head, mar, 412, Tidewaiter, Banff Buckie
      Margaret Logsie, wife, mar, 33, P/H
      Jessie Ann Ligsie, dau, 10, P/H
      William Logsie, son, 8, P/H
      Margaret Logsie, dau, 6, P/H
      Isabella J. Logsie, dau, 4, P/H
      James Logsie, son, 3, P/H
      George R. Logsie, 7 months, P/H
      Ann Norrie, Head, widow, 50, Washerwoman, P/H
      George Norrie, son, 11, P/H
      Eliza Norrie, dau, 8, P/H

      No 24
      Margaret Cardno, wife, mar, 32, P/H
      Elizabeth Cardno, dau, 11, P/H
      David H. Cardno, son, 8, P/H
      Amelia F. Cardno, dau, 4, P/H
      Margaret L. Cardno, dau, 2, P/H
      Helen Taylor, wife, mar, 27, Old Deer
      Elspet C. Taylor, dau, 6 months, P/H
      Margaret Marshall, visitor, mar, 25, Old Deer

      No 25
      Isabella Reid, Head, widow, 86, Spirit dealer, St Fergus
      Margaret Reid, dau, unm 42, Dom servant, P/H
      James Reid, son, unm 18, Ship carpenter ap, England
      Emma Joss, visitor, unm 28, Dom servant, Slains
      Mary Davidson, servant, unm 22, Barmaid, P/H
      Jean Thomason, wife, mar, 22, P/H
      Mary Milne, visitor, 11, P/H
      Barbara Milne, wife, mar, 42, Banff Rathen
      Sophia Milne, dau, 15, Dom servant, P/H
      William Milne, son, 8, P/H
      Thomas MIlne, son, 4, P/H
      Agnes Milne, dau, 1, P/H

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